As the UK went to the polls to elect the future leader of the United Kingdom, Neuways rounded off an award-winning 2019 with a place amongst Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies.

As the two-time EMEA business continuity champion, Neuways attended the extravagant ceremony in Pall Mall, London with high hopes.

Following a reception, and some introductory remarks from Julian Lee, CEO and President of TechnoPlanet, Neuways was announced as one of the Top 50 Best Managed IT Companies in Britain.

Sharing the stage with industry leaders such as Microsoft and Amazon, Neuways was commended for its proactive approach to managing customers’ IT, with customer satisfaction and business operation processes receiving particularly high praise.

“I’m really proud that our team has been recognised for all of their hard work. At Neuways, we use technology to find solutions for business challenges.

For example, neuvue360 – software that we created in-house – has helped us elevate our managed service offerings to the highest standard.

Ultimately, our customers are feeling the direct benefits of this.”
Martin Roberts, Managing Director, Neuways

Being recognised as one of the Best Managed IT Companies in the UK is no accident though. There is constant review and improvement made to how Neuways support and advise their customers to ensure they are constantly providing the best service possible.

Whether it is the 100% SLA achievement, the consistent 98% customer satisfaction score or the on-time, in-budget project work that implemented, Neuways have more than earned the accolade of one of the top 50 Best Managed IT Companies in the UK.