Neuways has added several members of staff to its established team of IT experts as part of a recruitment drive, with its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) offering expanding to customers.  

The Neuways recruitment drive has seen the ERP team grow by 120% over the last three months to ensure a wealth of new customers receive the company’s usual excellent customer service and expertise.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a wider net being cast in the search for IT consultants to join the Neuways team. Successful remote working procedures have enabled the IT business to take on experts from around the globe, which has allowed Neuways customers to benefit from the specialist guidance.  

This investment in ERP specialists reflects the wider expansion experienced at Neuways this year, as its workforce in other areas of the business has also risen by 10% in 2021.  

Neuways Managing Director, Martin Roberts, said:

ERP is right at the heart of what we have always done here at Neuways and it is always a delight to welcome new members of staff to the business.  

We already had many decades of knowledge within the team, but the growth in customers we have encountered has allowed us to build on that expertise and ultimately provide more customers with the implementation of our carefully planned and executed ERP projects. 

ERP systems are critical for allowing businesses to improve productivity and their functions. They are key to companies being able to achieve their long-term objectives and goals and I’m delighted we are able to offer more and more organisations long-term IT solutions.” 

What are ERP systems?

ERP systems are comprehensive business systems, that, once implemented across a period of six to twelve months, bring together and streamline business processes. They improve productivity by ensuring that work isn’t being duplicated and provides a single data set that feeds into many different areas of the business.

For businesses that have multiple legacy IT systems, ERP can help unify them by bringing these disparate areas together.  

While ERP systems work for all manner of businesses, they bring particular benefit for those who operate a warehouse function. Through the implementation of barcode scanning, stock levels are displayed in real-time thanks to the automation that is in place. This not only helps with the replenishment of stock, but it allows a business to be better informed in its decision-making, with trends easier to spot. Furthermore, near perfect inventory management ensures that promises made to customers can be kept.   

This frees up employees to perform more beneficial tasks in their roles, which causes business productivity to increase as a result.   

For more information on Neuways’ ERP offerings, call us on 01283 753333 or email