Providing more than just ‘backup’

Neuways provides more than just ‘backup’ – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) requires layered solutions that can cope with the demands your business put on them when the worse happens.

Neuways is a Datto Blue Partner – the highest level of partnership available and one of only 12 Blue partners in Europe. This is a testament to the experience and quality of advice and service we provide to our customers when it comes to providing and implementing Datto’s BCDR solutions.

We have chosen to partner with Datto because they share the same goals and ethos as Neuways: to empower small and medium sized businesses with outstanding IT. Datto’s contribution to data backup and disaster recovery is nothing short of revolutionary. We recommend Datto solutions to any business that takes their data and business continuity responsibilities seriously.

About Datto

Company Founded: 2007

Company Website:

Company Bio: At Datto, our mission is to empower the world’s small and medium-sized businesses with the best in enterprise-level technology

Solutions: Backup, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Networking

“One of only 12 Datto Blue Partners in Europe”

Neuways works very closely with Datto to ensure as many businesses across the country are protecting their data and delivering peace of mind as the threat landscape continues to evolve.

With the amount of risk to organisations’ IT systems continuing to grow, and evolve in complexity, Datto and Neuways remain committed to delivering BCDR solutions that will protect organisations and their data.

This is why we are so proud to be a Datto Blue partner – one of only 12 in Europe.

Why be a Datto Partner?

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As the world’s leading provider of IT solutions delivered by managed service providers (MSPs), Datto believes there is no limit to what small and medium businesses can achieve with the right technology.

Datto offers business continuity and disaster recovery, networking, business management, and file backup and sync solutions. They have created a one-of-a-kind ecosystem of partners that provide Datto solutions to half a million businesses across more than 130 countries.

Since its founding in 2007, Datto has earned hundreds of awards for its rapid growth, product excellence, superior technical support, and for fostering an outstanding workplace. With global headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut, Datto has international offices in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Australia, China, and Singapore.