Endpoint Patch Management From Your Heimdal Security Partner

As part of our Managed Security Service offering, we provide our customers with an extra layer of protection for their endpoints, as a Heimdal Security Partner.

Considering the current cyber threat landscape, and the amount of endpoint devices being used by remote workers, protecting them is no longer an option for businesses, but an essential cyber security priority.

As a Heimdal Security Partner, we have been offering this layer of cyber security since 2011, protecting users and companies from cyber criminals and their malicious actions.

Utilising Heimdal Security’s patching provision, we face software vulnerabilities head-on, ensuring exploits do not cause disruption and are dealt with accordingly.

About Heimdal Security

Company Founded: 2011

Company Website: www.heimdalsecurity.com

Company Bio: Providing intelligent cybersecurity that is both unified and easy to use. From ransomware and insider threat, to business email compromise and anything in between, Heimdal™ protects your operational integrity by stopping even the most sophisticated cyberattacks from day one with software and vulnerability patching, protecting all your vital endpoints.

Solutions: Software and vulnerability patching.

One Platform, One Agent, Complete Protection.

Secure Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.

Why Heimdal Security?

Learn more about why we chose to become a Heimdal Security partner

Neuways fully understands the importance of software patching and endpoint protection, which is why we are a Heimdal Security partner.

Their endpoint patching solutions offer excellent security against software vulnerabilities and the exploits they can enable, which can be managed and monitored by the experts here at Neuways.

Furthermore, Heimdal offer an outstanding level of endpoint security and protections. This is essential for ALL businesses for two main reasons:

  1. The ever-growing threat landscape – There are more than 219 million records breached in the UK in 2021 alone. The threat of a cyber attack is one that ever business is having to take seriously because it is no longer and case of if you are breached, but when.
  2. The increased amount of endpoints – Due to the pandemic and evolving working habits, bring-your-own-devices and multi-device working are much more commonplace. As a result, more devices mean more opportunities for the cyber criminals to penetrate your systems and data.

This is why Neuways is a Heimdal partner, because security matters and only the very best is good enough for our customers.