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Power Apps from Neuways

Power Apps are a suite of Microsoft apps that enables the creation of custom-made processes that can improve efficiency in your business and enable automation.

How does Power Apps Work?

Apps can be as simple or as complex as necessary. With zero coding involved and a simple ‘drag-and-drop’ interface, non-technical team members can use the tool with comparative ease.

However, if a more complex solution is required, then Power Apps has the flexibility to accommodate a more technical resolution. Neuways has dedicated software developers who develop custom apps for our customers to give them the data and processes they require to streamline their businesses and free up personnel to perform tasks that require their specific skill set, rather than process-driven data processing.

With full compatibility across both mobile and desktop devices, Microsoft’s Power platform gives businesses access to data processing around-the-clock.

Put simply, this suite of apps gives you the flexibility to make your Microsoft ERP system work exactly as your business needs it to. No business works the same way, so why should your business systems not be tailored to you?

How Have Our Customers Benefitted From Power Apps?

These Microsoft Apps helps our customers’ staff use their skills more effectively by taking manual data processing out of their hands. For example, we implemented Power Apps for a local healthcare provider to help their staff deliver better care by reducing their administrative task load.

Previously, staff relied on paper to record information on the wellbeing of their patients at regular intervals. This would need to be passed between staff between shifts and filed away at great time and cost.

Now, they have a central database of patient notes, with staff able to record data on-the-move with mobile data capture.

In short, our customers really value this AI-driven suite of Apps as a data processor – relieving their staff of the burden and allowing them to deliver a far better service.

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