Power BI from Neuways

Power BI is a business analytics solution from Microsoft.

Using data from within Business Central, and other external data plugins (such as Jet Reporting), Microsoft’s Business Intelligence tool outputs complex data into dashboards, tables, and charts that are easy to view, deep-dive, and interpret.

How Does Power BI Work?

This Microsoft App connects to data sources, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Excel spreadsheets, or third party programs that businesses rely on, and because it is from the Microsoft ecosystem, the user interface looks and feels very familiar. It also integrates seamlessly with all the other Microsoft Apps such as Excel.

Once connected, it can be configured to output vast amounts of data into easy-to-read visual analytics in a customised dashboard. Simplifying complex data such as sales and growth forecasts, service level agreement (SLA) compliance, and business revenue, insights from the BI platform can be shared across your organisation.

This level of complex data provides informed decision making. Significant decisions can be made with more certainty and confidence because they are based on data and facts rather than gut-feeling or instinct.

If your systems can hold your company data, why not be able to access it in all in one place and in an easy to disseminate format? No reason at all now.

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Why Do Our Customers Choose Power BI?

Mainly because it provides large-scale data analysis, without being overwhelming. Many of our customers deal with vast amounts of data, so the ability to transform raw data into business intelligence is invaluable – reducing the risk and increasing the ease of critical decision-making.

It’s also is a natural companion for Jet Reports – many of our customers use Jet Reports to consolidate their data and Power BI to transform that data into true business intelligence.

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