Malware can ruin a business, whether it be from a sophisticated hacker looking for specific details or from random cyber criminals looking to get their hands on confidential data of all types. As a result, malware is unwelcomed by businesses worldwide, and you need to be confident in your ability that your IT security can withstand any hacking attempts.

Understanding what malware is

You need to understand what malware is before you try and defend against it. The simple definition is that it is short for malicious software. Even if you don’t know the full scale, you should know that anything malicious will be bad for business.

However, it does come in many forms. Below, we explain the different types of malware and how you can identify if your business has been the victim of a cyber attack.

Different types of malware

In this paragraph, Neuways will explain what different types of malware there are and what it does. This will be followed by how you can identify if your business has been affected by any attacks.

Protect your business from malware in 2022 - Virus
Computer Virus

A virus is often a type of malware which infects your network. It can usually delete or corrupt files which are essential to the business.

Protect your business from malware in 2022 - Worm

Cyber criminals will sometimes release worms into your business. They are malicious pieces of software that ‘worm’ their way through your system and infect multiple connected devices. If one device is affected, the chances are many of your devices will be. That is why managed security training is so necessary.

Protect your business from malware in 2022 - Trojan Horse
Trojan Horses

Are disguised as legitimate software. We’ve already discussed how legitimate some cyber attacks can look in this Neuways article. This ‘legitimate looking’ software is often the catalyst to allowing other forms of malware to get into your system.

Protect your business from malware in 2022 - Spyware

This software keeps a record of your browsing history and scans your device for any confidential details. It can easily infiltrate browser-based password manager tools, for example. If you ever keep your bank details or passwords online, spyware will try to enter your network.

How do I know if my business has been attacked?

You can tell if your business has been the victim of a cyber attack if you notice suspicious behaviour on your system. For example, confidential files might disappear from view. In addition, your device may start acting up. For instance, if it is a desktop you are using, you could notice that your device starts freezing or specific icons are unclickable.

Malware attacks all have the same end goal, but they come in many shapes and sizes. It would help if you had state-of-the-art business security to protect your business against each attack. As stated, these hackers share the same aims. That is to gain access and compromise workstations, laptops, and servers to access critical and confidential data.

How to protect your business from malware

The easiest way to stop your business from being victim to cyber criminals is to have the proper protocols and measures. Neuways offer software and advice that can help you understand the potential consequences to your business. In addition, we are constantly updating you with the latest cyber threats to your business. You can find these on our blog page.

If you are a business or a managed security provider, it is recommended that you research all the types of malware that are in existence. Companies like Neuways invest time in understanding the different types of attacks and who might be committing them. If you invest in training and software from Neuways, your business will be better equipped to outsmart even the most inventive of cyber criminals.

Protect your business from malware in 2022 - Protec your data

Other ways to keep your cyber security up to date

You need to update your systems and software consistently. Otherwise, you open yourself up to cyber attacks. There is a reason that software is constantly updated. And it is not just to fix bugs. IT businesses and security need to adapt to hackers and cyber criminals finding ways to infiltrate their software. Therefore, updating the software is a more secure way to keep cyber criminals away.

Researchers will work hard to identify any vulnerabilities in commonly used software and the operating systems and end-user applications used by all businesses. If your business is ever encouraged to update your software using a patch, this is important to do so! IT companies can help to keep your business secure by notifying you of any critical updates in commonly used software.

Managed Security Awareness Training

You can also use managed security training to ensure your employees are aware of any potential threats. Use email security software as well as invest in your people. For example, your employees can be trained to spot phishing attacks from hackers and cyber criminals. However, there are also systems and software in place which can help to redirect specific emails to ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ folders. This is a failsafe which limits the likelihood of any potential threat gaining access to sensitive data in your emails.

Protect your business from malware in 2022 - Shield

More ways to protect your business from malware

Ultimately, hackers are constantly finding new ways to access our sensitive data. As software security evolves, so do the hackers. As inventive as they are, IT Security companies like Neuways are constantly working with partners and clients to ensure that businesses are as safe as possible.

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