Remote Working

Make remote working a success in your business with these resources

Make Remote Working A Success

The pandemic brought challenging times for both individuals and businesses. Many organisations had to quickly facilitate remote working for employees, while dealing with the complications and hurdles that came with it.

Many businesses had issues with continuity of service with communication issues, whilst employees struggled with connectivity with home network setups and balancing the challenges of home schooling with working.

Whilst the pandemic’s most challenging phases seem to be behind us, there is still a legacy of remote working that is likely to be here for sometime so Neuways has put together a series of resources to help businesses and employees remain agile, flexible and able to remote work as and when it is required.

Remote working

How to Overcome the Negatives of Remote Working

Business Resources

Here are some useful resources to help businesses navigate their way through remote working. There are items for employers and employees.

Mental Awareness

Working with high levels of change or uncertainty can threaten a persons mental health. Here are some resources to make a hybrid working environment easier to transition to.


Here are some innovative ways to approach life differently when working remotely. We hope they help you overcome any obstacles and keep you connected to the world.

Did you know there is a website for business who wish to swap there services in return for a service from another company. Great opportunity to get some feedback on a new product, or simply give something back to your local community as well as share you brand with other business – it is called the UK SwapShop

Remote working can often threaten the mental health of those who are practising it but there are a variety of resources out there to help staff overcome it. Here are a few:

There are some really innovative ways to bring remote workers into daily work life with technology. A great example of this is to create watercooler moments.

Let your employees know you haven’t forgotten them with a gift through the post from one of the following companies specifically set up to keep employees and businesses connected.

When communicating through a screen or keyboard, as the majority of remote workers do, it can be easy to lose the meaning of particular messages. This is why we support Action for Happiness.Neuways are advocates of kindness and happiness at work and this should be extended to remote workers as much as those who are office-based. Many companies have now transitioned to Microsoft 365 including SharePoint which is great for collaborating, as well as being a great intranet. A good way of bringing staff together is to open up the intranet to the entire workforce creating a centralised, more relaxed environment in which staff can share and communicate:

Online networking has become increasingly popular since 2020 and continues to be a great way to build your network whilst keeping your distance.

It is widely acknowledged that the benefits of exercise are wide-reaching. And this applies even more for employees who are sat for long periods of time, especially at home, where they are less likely to get up and walk around the office to use facilities or chat to colleagues. This is why we have included online exercise resources:

Skills development and career ambition shouldn’t be hindered or crushed just because some workers aren’t in the office. There are many online training resource to ensure professional learning and development continues and the government agrees: