Saving time with Microsoft Teams has never been easier. But in what areas are you saving time? Almost every business owner would rather run a company that runs more efficiently, but nobody wants to work with a company that rushes work or jobs. When things are rushed, security can often be compromised, and work will not be of the highest standard. That’s why we’ve detailed the best ways your business can become more efficient by using Microsoft Office tools correctly.

The stats behind Microsoft Teams and Office

mobile phone screen with Microsoft Office applicationsWhilst instant messaging is clearly a lot quicker than emailing back and forth, that is not the only way that Microsoft Teams can save time. According to stats from Neuways, having resources available online in your Teams Files and Shared folders actually reduces downtime by 14.6%. That’s a lot of time for a business looking to become more efficient and save time!

Another interesting fact, and agencies might sit up and take notice here, is that team members can save up to 24 minutes a day if they collaborate with external organisations via teams. It’s not hard to set up an account to help those who don’t currently have an account. Neuways are always on hand to help those looking to introduce Teams to their business or to help them communicate externally via the software.

Finally, via instant messaging tools and sharing of files, the reduction in time taken to make a decision averages out at around 17.7%. So alongside the ability to work externally with team members and having resources readily available in Teams, you can see the amount of time saved by using this sort of programme. It’s all there in the data and numbers. So let us help you understand a bit more.

Source of these statistics: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Teams; A Forrester Total Economic ImpactTM Study Commissioned By Microsoft April 2019

Making communication easier

IPhone with blue screen Microsoft Authenticator lockedIn this article, we have touched a couple of times on instant messaging and how it can save time. Many companies like to use various instant messaging software, but we’ll explain why we think Teams is the best.

Not only it is secure as you can edit settings so that employees need Multi-Factor Authentication to log in to Microsoft. But you can also tag certain members to ensure that your messages are seen by certain people when you need their attention. This allows better employee communication, as no one sits around twiddling their thumbs. But, of course, what’s better is that we will tell you how to do it.

If you want to grab a team member’s attention and need an instant response, you can tag them. It is also possible to send multiple messages to individuals without being in a group. And the process is quite simple. Simply go to the Teams tab and find the team you want to create a tag for.

There should then be an ellipsis on the right-hand side. Once you have found this, there should be a dropdown which allows you to click Manage Tags. Once you’ve chosen the tags, you can assign the users you want. These tags work like channels and let appropriate people get the relevant messages. It stops general chit-chat being shared around people who don’t need to see it. This helps with efficiency as people are not distracted by messages they do not need to see. For those who use WhatsApp regularly in their social lives, it works similar to a group chat. We can all use those, and Teams streamlines the communication process similarly.

Create Polls with Microsoft Teams

Alongside instant messaging and instant access to files, Microsoft Teams also allows employees to garner advice and opinions from each other in simple terms. For example, you can create a poll rather than have calls and meetings for a simple vote on a design or idea. That way, your team or other members of other departments can vote on ideas you have suggested, and the winner will be evident to everyone. This is another excellent way that you can save time with Teams. Talk to Neuways about using Microsoft, our team would love to have a chat.

Work with Neuways to improve business efficiency

Ultimately, the goal of any business owner or board is to streamline work processes and become more efficient. This article should have explained just a few ways that Microsoft Teams can save your company time, but Neuways share plenty of other tips and advice on using Microsoft.

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