Approximately 47 businesses go bust every day in the UK – many of these are SMEs, but Neuways is saving British businesses millions with their industry-leading cyber security measures.

Derby-based business technology expert, Neuways, is using IT to save businesses from disaster.

A disaster is never far away – a business falls victim to ransomware every 13 seconds and climate change events, including the recent Whalley Bridge emergency, demonstrate an increasing risk to businesses’ ability to function.

One of Neuways’ customers, Armorgard, was struck by a disaster this year. Their server failed, threatening to take the entire business offline until a replacement could be sourced.

However, the business continuity solution that Neuways had installed prior to the disaster meant that the business could access all of its information through the cloud, enabling Armorgard to keep running their business as usual.

“If we didn’t have the Datto recovery device, it is estimated that we would have been down for at least 3 working days whilst we found and installed a replacement server. This downtime would have had a circa £600k negative effect on the business, which for any company can be detrimental to survival.” – Jess Reynolds, Armorgard

Without Neuways’ expertise, this disaster would have cost Armorgard around £600,000 in downtime alone – a sum that could put many SMEs out of business.

SMEs contribute £2 trillion to the UK economy and employ roughly 60% of the UK workforce. Therefore, it is essential that their futures are secured – especially as the UK goes through the most turbulent time of uncertainty in recent years.

“We’re proud of the work we’re doing for businesses all over the UK – securing them from disaster and raising awareness of the importance of business continuity & disaster recovery as a concept.”Martin Roberts, Managing Director

Neuways was recently recognised by Datto as the number one provider of business continuity & disaster recovery solutions in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

This means that the best business technology experts in EMEA work at Neuways HQ in Derby.

Neuways recently rolled out a tool that rates a business’ disaster readiness. In addition to a score out of 100, it also includes bespoke tips and commentary from the Neuways Business Technology Consultants.

With global leaders in IT and best-in-breed technology all under one roof, Neuways is enabling businesses to keep calm and carry on, no matter the disaster.

As Neuways is saving British businesses millions with their innovative disaster recovery solution, don’t you think you should get on board…contact them today on 01283 753 333 to find out more.