SME Cyber Security Guide

Neuways has created an easy to follow SME Cyber Security Guide to help you protect your business

SME cyber security guide

Neuways has created a SME Cyber Security Guide

Cyber crime can devastate small businesses, with one successfully hacked every 19 seconds!

Do you know enough about cyber security to keep your business safe?

Download our Small Business Cyber Security Guide, written by our cyber security experts, and secure your business from the cyber criminals.

It offers guidance, best practices, and practical tips to help your organisation stay one step ahead.

Don’t let your business become a statistic – Download your Small Business Cyber Security Guide now!

Our SME cyber security guide has been created with input from across our cyber security experts so you can rest assured, the advice is both current and reliable. But did you know we also have a wide range of additional resources to help SMEs stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals.

You can:

  • Check out our Cyber Security Rating and receive a free bespoke report to help you improve it
  • Calculate the cost of a single period of downtime is likely to cost your business
  • Become phishing aware with our guide to spotting phishing email scams
  • Discover your Disaster Readiness Rating score and see how you could improve it

If you have any questions about our Cyber Security advice, or your specific cyber security strategy, one of our experts would love to talk to you further about the best options for your particular circumstances. Contact us to on 01283 753 333 or email your questions to

What’s your Cyber Security Rating?

If you are concerned about the strength and depth of your cyber security measures, why not get your Cyber Security Rating and find out, what your score, out of 100 is. You will also receive a bespoke remedial report with advice and guidance on how to improve your cyber security measures to keep your data and systems as safe as possible in this ever-evolving threat landscape.