We shine a spotlight on customer service with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central an dhow it can help your teams to meet and exceed rising customer expectations. Using Business Central intelligence, agents can make the right decision every time and deliver exceptional service through any channel or device. The customer service module is designed to engage customers and empower agents.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

As part of Dynamics 365 Business Central’s customer service module, customers can now be assigned to your staff based on the details of the issue or scenario. This means that your staff’s strongest skills can be used depending on the nature of the issue. This process ensures maximum efficiency and that your customers will be dealt with quickly.

Omnichannel support also offers your business the ability to identify support requests instantly, allowing you to act before minor issues become major problems. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central unifies your communication channels to identify customer support problems and creates automatic tickets which are then routed intelligently to the appropriate agent.

Shine a spotlight on customer service with a personalised service

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a universal view of your customers’ journeys, all in one dashboard. In addition to delivering value at every touchpoint, artificial intelligence (AI) uses customer information to make recommendations for your customer service team.

Guidance is used to give your customer service staff the information they need to resolve any issue or query quickly and efficiently. Having an integrated system means your staff can find the appropriate customers  information and history with ease, delivering a positive customer journey.

The Customer Service module in Dynamics 365 Business Central offers AI recommendations which are based on information gathered and stored in Dynamics 365 Business Central, offering your sales team increased opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell to your customers.Dynamics 365 Business Central’s AppDesigner allows businesses to deploy custom web and mobile apps specific to your individual department requirements – this is an ideal way to streamline your data capture by department and filter out noise. This allows your customer service staff, as well as other areas or your business, to act more quickly and efficiently.

Learn from Interactions

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s feedback feature allows you to know your customer (KYC) with numerous opportunities to gather information on the customer experience. Feedback can be harvested via direct survey, discussion forums, and social listening technology.

This tool allows you to analyse your customer service staff’s strengths and weaknesses from a customer perspective. Utilising these insights, in addition to performance-related data, your business can foster positive behaviour, creating a truly customer-centric culture.

Using this information, Dynamics 365 Business Central offers in-app learning to help your customer service team remain up to date on the latest features and best practices. It also streamlines the on-boarding of new team members.

Dynamics 365 Business Central helps your business to manage staffing resources with ease, by identifying particularly busy channels, recurring issues, and the specific skills required at any given time.

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