Supporting Your Datto Device

Installation and post-installation of your new backup


Now we have received confirmation of your order for one of our range of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery products from Datto, we will start working on the setup, configuration and installation of your device. This document explains what the next steps are in the process.

If you have any questions about your Datto product set-up and installation, please contact our support team on 01283 753 300.

Thank you for choosing Neuways for your Datto backup.

What Happens Next?

Here is what you can expect to happen between confirming your order with Neuways and having your backup solution up and running.



We will assign you a Neuways Engineer who will contact you to arrange the installation of your Datto product. You will need to consider the other IT and business projects you already have running or planned to ensure the installation of your Datto product doesn’t disrupt them.

Your Engineer will want to talk to you about your business objectives for your backup solution so please have a think about these ahead of your Engineer contacting you. Your objectives will inform how we set up your backup solution.



Your backup devices will arrive after we have made some initial standard configurations. There are two main steps involved in this initial configuration work; the Datto backup appliance itself and the round-trip device.

It is important you take good care of the round-trip device and associated paperwork as it is needed to ship an encrypted copy of your backups to Datto.



The next step our Engineer will take is to install a small software program onto the servers being protected. Prior to installing this program, we’ll have to complete some initial work to ensure the Datto products and your server configuration will work together.

Following this work, we may need to reboot your server. This is an important step and should be factored into the scheduling of the setup process.

Whilst the work on your server is being completed, our Engineers will be working behind the scenes to configure your device to meet the needs of your environment.



When your server is ready and your Datto product has been fully configured for your environment, we will introduce your Datto solution to your environment and the first backup will run.

As this will be the first time the backup will have been run with your new device, it will back up all of your company data. This may take several hours but subsequent backups will be incremental and therefore much faster. We will ask you to connect your round-trip device. This will take an encrypted copy of your data.


Back(up) and running

Your Datto Siris device will back up your data to a UK cloud region and then replicate to an Iceland cloud region to provide additional protection. If you are concerned about data sovereignty, you can opt out of the secondary replication of data to the Iceland data center. To opt out of this secondary data back up, please email

Once your initial full backup is complete, you can disconnect the round-trip device, pack it up, contact UPS and arrange the prepaid delivery to Datto so your data can be uploaded to their cloud. When this is done, we can enable offsite sync, and your data will be automatically copied to the Cloud!

If you have any questions about the set-up and installation of your Datto Backup solution, at any point during the process, please contact our support team on 01283 753 300.