Getting started with Microsoft Teams

Our Microsoft Teams Video Library helps you to get started

If you’re getting started with Microsoft Teams, our comprehensive Video Library will help you discover how to use Teams to get the most out of it from the get-go, as well as informing you of features you might not be aware of.

Use Teams to securely share documents and notes, plan, chat with your colleagues to drive fast and inclusive conversations, organise team meetings online and collaborate in real-time with your customers wherever they are.

Alternatively, you can download our Microsoft Teams Guide: How to Set Up and Join Meetings With Microsoft Teams

Teams Video Library

What is Microsoft SharePoint and How Can I Use It?

New to SharePoint?

Want to create a site on your intranet but aren’t sure where to start, or how it can help you? Come learn the basics of what SharePoint is and how you can use it to inform your team and broader organisation about your project or initiative.

Getting started with SharePoint plus Microsoft Teams

Your intranet in Microsoft 365 is ready for you – built for teamwork – to keep you and your team informed, engaged and moving forward. This video demonstrates four tips and tricks on how to best utilise the power of SharePoint directly inside of Microsoft Teams.

Monitor and manage SharePoint in Microsoft 365

SharePoint admins, this session is for you. The intelligent intranet is personal, collaborative, and ever changing. In this session, we’ll focus on upcoming enhancements to the SharePoint admin center – an updated home page, new site management, content services reporting, combined OneDrive admin settings, and more. Join in to see what’s coming to monitor and manage the state of your organisation’s intranet. Get informed on all of the latest enhancements, as well as utilising new experiences in order to stay productive.

Build and launch a Microsoft SharePoint Home Site

A Home site is the top of your intranet – a landing experience for your entire organisation. Learn best practices for creating and launching a Home site for your organisation using the latest and best features of Microsoft 365. We will show you how to make your Home site accessible to your users from anywhere in Office 365 and make the content in there relevant for all.

Integrating your existing SharePoint Online Sites directly in Microsoft Teams

In this Microsoft Teams 365 tutorial, you’ll learn how to natively integrate your SharePoint Online site as a full App in Teams. Easily incorporate a SharePoint site with “Tabs.” Click the “plus” button, then choose SharePoint and add which site you’d like to bring online within Teams. You can also build applications built from SharePoint lists by easily following the steps in the Deployment guide. And with App Studio, you can bring in pre-built SharePoint websites as a personal application within Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft SharePoint News: What’s New & What’s Coming

Learn about the new features coming to News that will help you distribute, boost, and understand how news posts are consumed in your organisation.

Run effective meetings with Microsoft Teams

Make the most of your remote meetings with Microsoft Teams. This tutorial will teach you how to use Teams for your entire meeting experience, from pre-meeting activities to in-meeting experiences to post-meeting follow up. In this training course, you’ll also learn how to access important meetings and content, as well as which audio and video devices are best for your meeting needs.

Taking Microsoft Teams to the next level – Part 1

Once you have a solid foundation of how to use Microsoft Teams, continue to expand your training with this tutorial. This two-part series will walk you through best practices and tips to take Teams to the next level.

Taking Microsoft Teams to the next level – Part 2

Continue your Microsoft Teams training with the second portion of a two-part training series. In Part 2 of this tutorial, you’ll learn how to get more from Teams. Focusing on strategies and features, this session will teach you tips and tricks for managing and organising work and communications in Teams.

Switch from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

Discover how to transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams efficiently with this video tutorial. This Microsoft Teams migration session will show you how to set your profile to manage alerts and calls in Microsoft Teams, as well as how to use familiar Skype for Business features like chat and meetings in Microsoft Teams. You’ll also learn how to use enhanced features like @mentions, Giphys, and offline messaging in addition to understanding how to use Teams for project collaboration.

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