Our Technology Resources

These technology resources have been designed to help businesses, and their staff, overcome the challenges everyone faces when using day-to-day systems, cyber security policies and remote working set ups.

Cyber Security Resources

This collection of technology resources will help you create a robust and resilient security strategy in your business.

Get your Cyber Security Rating and Report
and find out how secure your business and how you could improve it.
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Get your Cyber Security Rating Report

Understand what your Disaster Readiness Rating is.
Discover how ready your business is for its next disaster
and how you can improve it – for FREE!

Get your Disaster Readiness Rating Report

How much would it cost your business if it suffered a period of downtime?
Discover how much money you would lose for every hour
you couldn’t function if the worst happened.

Use our Recovery Time Calculator

Make sure ALL of your staff know
How to Spot a Phishing Email
and make sure your first line of defence is in place.

How to Spot a Phishing Email

Video Library

Here are videos that show you, step-by-step, how to get the most out of Teams and SharePoint.
Microsoft Teams
Video Library
Microsoft SharePoint
Video Library

Downloadable Technology Resources

Download these whitepapers to help you shape your IT and security strategies and understand how much this should be costing your business.

IT Spend

How to Calculate Your IT Spend

Download Whitepaper
SME cyber security guide

SME Cyber Security Guide

Download Whitepaper

Remote Working Resources

If you have remote workers in your business, show them these
technology resources to help them stay productive and secure whilst away from the office.

Remote Working Resources