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Latest teams updates from Neuways in August

September 2023 Latest Updates

Create up to 1,000 channels within a team

Require a dedicated area or workspace for a project? There’s a designated channel for that purpose. Generate up to 1,000 standard or shared channels within both new and existing teams, without facing space limitations or necessitating the formation of an additional team for your workgroup. Support for private channels is forthcoming. For further information, consult the comprehensive guide on channels within Microsoft Teams.

Publish webinars recordings within Teams

Effortlessly share webinar recordings directly within Teams with attendees once the event concludes. To achieve this, access a previous webinar within Teams, navigate to the Recordings section, and opt to Publish. Attendees will promptly receive an email containing a hyperlink to access the recording. For additional insights, review the guidelines on managing webinar recordings within Microsoft Teams.

Enhanced recording capabilities for video clip messages

Enhancements now allow you to blur your background, capture your screen, and record audio-only clips while sending a video clip message in a chat. Gain a deeper understanding of this feature by referring to the instructions on recording a video or audio clip in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Updates

August 2023 Latest Updates

Enhance Your Meetings with Animated Backgrounds

Elevate your virtual meeting experience on Teams by choosing dynamic, animated backgrounds. Prior to your meeting, go to Effects and Avatars > Video effects on the pre-join screen and pick a background featuring a video icon in the corner of the preview. For further guidance, refer to Changing Your Background in Microsoft Teams Meetings.

Efficient Chat Management with Compact Mode

Effortlessly scan through chats using the compact mode, where message previews are discreet, allowing more space for your conversations. Messages from the same sender are grouped together and separated by line breaks. To activate compact chat mode in Teams, go to Settings and more > Settings and adjust Chat density to Compact. Learn more about adjusting the spacing of your chat messages in Microsoft Teams.

Streamlined Message Editing and Replying

Easily reply to or edit specific messages in a chat by hovering over the message and selecting the appropriate option. Choose “Reply” to respond to a particular message and “Edit” to make changes to a message you’ve sent. Refer to Editing or Deleting a Sent Message in Microsoft Teams for more details.

Participate in Webinars Across Multiple Devices

Attendees now have the flexibility to join a public webinar from up to three different devices using their unique registration link. To get started, explore Getting Started with Microsoft Teams Webinars.

Stay Organised with Microsoft Loop Task Lists

Keep your tasks organised in Microsoft Loop, allowing you to track them seamlessly across various applications. Edit your task list component in Outlook or Teams to ensure changes sync across Microsoft Planner and To Do. For comprehensive information, see Managing Your Tasks from Loop Task Lists and Collaborative Notes in Planner and To Do.

Navigate and Join Calls Swiftly on Teams Phone Devices

Benefit from recent updates to the Teams phone device user interface, offering faster meeting joins and simpler navigation across applications. Experience fewer dialling errors with the redesigned Teams phone dial pad and the new “dial pad only” view in landscape mode. Start using Microsoft Teams phones with the help of the guide, Getting Started with Microsoft Teams Phones.

Improved Call Delegation Functionality

Call delegates now have the ability to seamlessly switch between tabs and access call records for themselves and their delegators. Delegators can also view and join active calls managed by the delegate, allowing for efficient collaboration. Learn more about managing call delegation in Microsoft Teams Phones.

Efficient Connectivity with Teams Hotline Phones

You can now configure Microsoft Teams Phone certified devices to directly dial specific phone numbers or contacts, such as emergency services or your organisation’s help desk. When a user picks up the Teams phone handset, it will automatically dial the pre-programmed phone number. Phones with Teams Shared Device License can be configured through device settings or the Teams admin centre.

Enhanced Voicemail Notifications for Added Security

Receive timely notifications in Teams when you’ve received a protected voicemail. These notifications will be displayed in the Calls app in Teams, allowing you to access the voicemail in the Outlook web app with a simple click. Discover more about checking your voicemail in Microsoft Teams.

Share Your Location During Emergency Calls via Teams for Web

For users in the United States, you can now include your location to alert personnel during emergency calls made through Teams for web. Explore Enabling Location Services for Work from Home Emergency calls to learn more.

Latest Microsoft Teams updates from Neuways in 2023

July 2023 Latest Updates

Customise Webinar Emails in Teams

Tailor your communication with webinar attendees by customising webinar emails. Personalise the sender’s name, email subject, banner and logo image, as well as the body text of the email. To customise webinar emails, navigate to your Teams calendar and open the desired webinar. Under Communications, choose Edit for the email you wish to customise. For further details, refer to Managing Webinar Emails in Microsoft Teams.

Instantly Publish and Share Webinar Recordings

When a webinar concludes, an on-demand recording becomes immediately available for organisers to manage and share with attendees. When organisers publish the recording, attendees will receive an email with a link to access it. Organisers can review and edit the email before it is sent out. Learn more about managing webinar emails in Microsoft Teams.

Zoom In and Out of a Screenshare during a Teams Meeting

During Teams meetings, utilise the zoom buttons at the bottom of your meeting window to zoom in, zoom out, or revert to the original view of a screenshare. For detailed instructions, see Zoom In and Out in Microsoft Teams.

Switch Things Up with Participant Shuffle in Teams Breakout Rooms

Introduce an element of randomness by using participant shuffle to assign participants in Teams breakout rooms. Decide whether to shuffle everyone or only participants who haven’t been given a room yet. Access the meeting on your Teams calendar and select Assign participants > Shuffle to mix participants. Opt for shuffling Everyone or Only assigned people, then save your selections. Learn more about using breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams.

Copy and Share a Link to a Group Chat Message

If you need to reference a specific message in a group chat, right-click the message and choose Copy link to obtain the message’s link. Paste it into another message or post to share. Recipients clicking the link will be directed to that message in the conversation. Read more about sharing a link to a specific message.

Enhanced Video Experience in Teams Chat

Enjoy an enriched video experience in Teams chat by playing shared Microsoft Stream videos, including meeting recordings, and viewing their captions directly within the conversation.

Efficiently Manage Your Teams Calendar with Agenda View

Optimise your Teams calendar management using the agenda view, allowing you to access and join your upcoming meetings. Additionally, you can RSVP, engage in chats with participants, and access meeting notes. Switch to the agenda view by visiting your Teams calendar, selecting your current view, and choosing Agenda from the dropdown menu. Learn more about managing your calendar in Microsoft Teams.

Drag and Drop Meetings to New Time Slots

Streamline event rescheduling in your Teams calendar by selecting the event, dragging it to a new time slot, and dropping it there. You can also check the availability of other participants before updating the event. Explore further details on scheduling a meeting in Microsoft Teams.