Neuways is an IT Security and Support company, meaning we will always preach cyber security’s importance for any business. But when October comes around each year, things step up a gear. The security experts come into their own at this time of the year, with national cyber security awareness month now recognised globally. The overall aim is, as you would expect, to promote cyber security and how crucial it is to build and secure businesses. 

Cyber security is not just for October

Cyber Security

You have probably heard the saying, “a dog is not just for Christmas”. The same can be said for “cyber security is not just for October”. It is not like a convention where cyber criminals tend to be most active during October. No, it is just Cyber Security Awareness Month, where IT companies bond to preach about the importance of having a secure and safe cyber network. Below, we will detail the small actions you can take that enable your business and employees to remain secure in October and for the foreseeable future.

Utilise your training 

Cyber security today matters so much because of everyone’s dependence on technology. From collaboration, communication and collecting data to eCommerce and entertainment, your business will need your employees to be well trained and vigilant. In addition, they need to take responsibility as there is only so much you can manage. 

 With Neuways, we provide Managed Security and Phishing Awareness Training for your business. That means your employees will be less likely to click on fraudulent clicks throughout the year, rather than just in October. Our expertise in helping companies become more vigilant and be able to spot phishing attacks is well known in the IT industry. So, if you’d like to see a bit more about keeping your business safe from cyber criminals, check out our security awareness training page. 

For once, don’t keep it simple 

Cyber Security

Regardless of the size of your business, it is assumed that your devices and files will be password protected. However, you can never be ‘too secure’. Your passwords need to be impossible to guess for potential hackers. There are too many instances of business owners and employees using easy-to-guess passwords like company names with the odd number being adapted to fit the requirements. Just because your password fits the criteria set in the browser or programme, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be secure. There are too many passwords that are far too easy to guess. 

 That’s where a password manager would come in. A password manager is a service that stores all of your passwords in a high-security central database. Not only that, but password manager tools like Keeper also provide passwords that are virtually impossible to remember and guess. So if your password is securely stored, it’s harder for hackers to infiltrate. 

Put a padlock on top of a padlock 

As we mentioned, you can never be ‘too secure’ in your business. You need to protect your data and that of your clients. Therefore, you must place as many obstacles as possible before a potential hacker. If you are serious about building an impenetrable network, then multi-factor authentication is the way. 

 Whether it is for your own apps or for your own Microsoft account, Neuways always recommends that your employees use multi-factor authentication. That way, if somehow a hacker does infiltrate the device or guess your password, they would still only be able to gain access by accessing another device which would be personal to the employee. If you have not heard of two-factor or multi-factor authentication, we recommend reading this article on making your Microsoft account as secure as possible. 

Surf Smarter – #BeCyberSmart 

Everyone has the right to surf the internet, feel secure, and search the web freely. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for individuals who are using the web for various purposes. This is due to the number of potential hackers and cyber criminals who are on hand waiting for an individual to slip up. Employees of larger businesses will always be a more lucrative reward for hackers; however, they tend to take small wins where they can. This means that no company will be out of a hacker’s reach. At Neuways, we know the risks of having a business with out-of-date cyber security protocols. Still, we are on hand to deliver knowledge to help you revolutionise your industry and stay ahead of the game.

Be cyber secure all year round 

Keep up with all cyber security and IT-related articles by regularly checking the blog page. In addition, Neuways provides updates on the recent threats evolving in the cyber universe.

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