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Artificial Intelligence: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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AI is the Marmite of the IT world. Love it or hate it, the reality is it filters into our everyday lives without us even realising it. From Netflix recommended shows to the apps on our smartphones, AI is influencing our decisions both at home and in the workplace. Below, we will talk about using artificial intelligence in business, weighing up the pros and cons.

As part of our managed IT support service, we frequently deal with the effects of AI and are well-versed in the advantages and disadvantages it provides. Here, we look at the good, the bad and the downright ugly aspects of its primary functions and why businesses need to adapt to manage AI’s full potential.

The good: Take advantage of AI with managed IT support

AI gives a computer program the ability to think, learn and interact like humans and there’s no denying this can make life easier. Think about the apps you currently have on your smartphone. Google Maps and Siri are prime examples of AI-integrated technology that enables us to have useful information at our fingertips.

This synthetic intelligence has become increasingly relied on by businesses to improve their levels of customer service. Online chatbots, for instance, are programmed to provide answers and resolve issues around the clock without having to wait for personnel to intervene. As Managed IT Support providers, we are on hand to advise on the most suitable AI applications for your organisation. Digital assistance has the capability to make you a market leader, but it must be approached with caution to reap the benefits.

The bad: Reliance on AI can increase the risk of hacking and data theft

No one can deny AI’s reputation as a trailblazer for efficiency, but it can come at a price. Reliance on digital technology comes with increased vulnerabilities that must be addressed to safeguard your business. Hackers are both creative and forward-thinking and will use AI to their own advantage. The Chat GPT language chatbot for example, is expected to support cyber criminals in writing authentic-looking content and translating text into different languages.

Past giveaways of suspicious-looking emails, such as bad spelling and poor grammar, will be harder to spot, putting your business and its sensitive assets at an increased risk of an online attack. Employing the help of a Managed IT Support service will protect your business from opportunists who try to outsmart your defences. As much as AI is seen as a progressive step, your security frameworks need to be just as adaptable to protect sensitive data and stop threats before they become attacks.

The ugly: AI is powerful but should not replace the human element of problem-solving

The controversial side of AI comes from an ethical stance on the replication of human thought processes. Businesses seek the support of a managed IT service to streamline their digital operations but cannot thrive on technology alone. While AI functions with more consistency than human beings, it is also programmed to work without emotion, creativity, or leadership, all of which are vital in a commercial setting.

There are also valid concerns surrounding the morality of systems that could take work and responsibility away from employees. This is what makes using artificial intelligence in business. We are already letting AI subconsciously influence our decisions about what we view, buy, and believe, and this autonomy can easily be replicated in the workplace. While we use technology to help businesses reach their full potential, we place value on the human element of our services.

All safety defences and online issues are managed by our team of IT experts who apply their knowledge and experience to each situation. Something beyond the remit of even the most sophisticated form of AI.

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