Many companies and businesses use Microsoft Teams to communicate internally as colleagues. It is ideal for sharing documents and files with each other and sometimes popping on a video call if people are working from home. But what if you are working with a freelancer or agency and they do not use Microsoft Teams? It is pretty simple to set people up as guests, but if they’re not normal Teams users, hopefully, you’ll be happy to send them this article on how to use Teams as a guest. It can be straightforward, but everything is made simple with Neuways! Read on to learn more about using Microsoft Office when working externally with others.

Collaborating with people who aren’t in your Team’s organisation

Keeping all your assets and files under one roof just makes life easier. Regardless of whom you are working with, whether it be on your own, or with a team, knowing your filing system is up to date can relieve a lot of stress. Additionally, knowing that links for video calls and content task boards are all in one place is a dream for most organisations.

It doesn’t just have to be a success internally either. If you want to collaborate with external users, such as freelancers or agencies, you can always add these people as guests to your organisation. Don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking. You won’t be giving them access to all your files, just simply what they need to know.

Benefits of adding a guest to your Microsoft Teams

One example of utilising the full potential of Microsoft Teams is to make sure that your tasks set for external suppliers or freelancers are available to use by all. Guests will have fewer capabilities than organisation members, but they should have enough information to go on.

If you are working with a freelance content writer and have a set schedule, they can work off your content tasks to ensure they know what and when they are meant to write. Working like this also means that both the member and guests can tick off tasks once complete. You would need to work this out between yourselves to decide who ticks off the task, but that is a simple enough process. You get the idea, working with Microsoft Teams just makes life easier.

How to add a guest to your Teams organisation

You need to be a Team Owner to add a guest to your organisation. The guest also needs a Microsoft 365 account. If they don’t have one, do not panic, they will be instructed to set one up for free. That is quite a simple process. Please do note though that once you have set up Teams in order to add a guest, it can take a few hours before they have access.

So, to add a guest, simply select Teams and go to the team which is on your team list. From there, you can choose more options, and there should be an option to add a member. Once there, add a guest’s email address. Make sure that your organisation allows guests otherwise you would not be able to add them.

After this, you can edit the guest’s information. So, you can add a friendly nickname for them, or just their name. As you are working with them in a professional capacity, it is better for you to choose the name that they go by. Then, all you need to do is press Add. It really is that simple. It does not matter if they have not used Teams before, Microsoft takes this into account. The company sends the new guest an email explaining what being a guest in Microsoft Teams entails and why it is so beneficial. They can get a grasp of what using Teams is like using this email.

Communicate effectively with your Guest User

Once you have set up your guest in your Team’s organisation, the next step is talking to them about how you are going to work with each other.

In a company/guest relationship, communication is key. With Microsoft Teams you have the option to communicate via the Instant Messaging service, or by simply leaving Tasks on a task board to complete. Working alongside the guest, they can follow your content planning board, ticking off each task they complete. You can write a detailed description for each task, complete with a deadline or simply just the title of the work that you want them to do. This part is all down to you and what you think works best. Sit down and work out a plan with the guest as to what works for both of you to get the best out of the relationship.

Understanding more about Microsoft Teams and Office

At Neuways, we work with companies that want to integrate Microsoft Teams into their strategies. Our team works closely with those who want to propel their business forwards. So much so that we built a dedicated guide on how to use Microsoft Teams and Office and guarantee that you have a productive day. Download our guide on How Microsoft Teams can help you stay more connected and get more done, here.

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