There are so many businesses that think they are protected against online cyber attacks and data breaches, but what if that isn’t the case? A vulnerability scan can put your mind at rest by taking the uncertainty and guess work out of your cyber security defences.

Neuways offers a comprehensive vulnerability scan to pinpoint the weaknesses in your network security. This means you can definitively answer the question – how secure is your business?

With the amount of cyber attacks rising each year, and the value of company data increasing exponentially on the dark web, it is essential that you understand how criminals are seeking to infiltrate your business, and where key vulnerabilities lie.

A vulnerability scan from Neuways

Our vulnerability scan tests to see how safe and secure your network is, and the level of ease for a criminal to penetrate your network from the outside.

The scan assesses network devices such as your servers, which contain all of your critical businesses data including your website hosting. Other entry points for hackers or cyber criminals include ports and internet access points – all of which are scanned and evaluated as standard with the Neuways vulnerability scan.

Neuways will perform a vulnerability scan of your website servers, reporting on the quality of encryption and whether any exposed services are vulnerable.

GDPR has reinforced the importance of securing your servers – according to legislation, certain vulnerabilities could infer that “all reasonable efforts” have not been exhausted to secure your web-facing platforms, therefore resulting in a large fine. Webserver exploits could also allow criminals to use your business’s website as a back door into your business databases, increasing a potential GDPR fine.

If your business accepts credit or debit card transactions, then it is essential that your website is not open for exploit. If a hack occurs, it could result in severe PCI non-compliance and data compromise fines. Our vulnerability scan runs your servers past a specific list of criteria in order to pass the test.

Our vulnerability scan includes searches for:

  • Outdated software.
  • Non-compliance.
  • Open ports.
  • Misconfigurations.

We will identify any risk factors across your network and rate them according to the level of risk they pose to your business – low, medium, or high. This will allow you to prioritise any remedial work and plan for any project work that you may wish to carry out as a result of your vulnerability scan.

It may be that you have an older version of the software running or insufficient security measures in place. Whatever the reason for the risk, we will explain it clearly and concisely, ensuring that you understand the susceptibility and any potential consequences.

The final step in our vulnerability scan is to make recommendations based on the findings of each individual threat or weakness.

How do I get a scan for my business?

The Neuways vulnerability scan can be purchased as a one-off piece of work showing you exactly where you need to focus your internal IT efforts. Alternatively, you can use it to inform the work you wish to undertake with a dedicated IT managed service provider (MSP).

As an experienced IT MSP, with 100% SLAs achieved, and a wide range of chosen industry-leading partners, Neuways offers a holistic approach to managed IT security and efficiency.

We aim to build long-term collaborative relationships with you so that you can focus on growing your business, safe in the knowledge that we are managing your IT infrastructure, security, and efficiency.

For more information about our vulnerability scan, what it covers, and how you can deploy one for your IT systems, contact our IT experts on 01283 753333 or at