A serious business makes serious investment decisions, and your IT solutions is no different. Getting it right is the different between having a tin roof and a professionally installed, slate roof that protects all year-round.

These could be the right premises to meet your growth needs and project the right image for your company or investing in plant to manufacture the right quality of goods in the right volume to meet your market demand.

Whilst there will always be room for negotiation on the final price you pay for your investment, the chances are that once you have decided on the premises or machine, you’d be unlikely to reduce your required specification to reach a certain price point.

Get it right first time

Here’s an example: you’ve found the right premises for your business after struggling in your previous building which you’ve outgrown. The new premises have space for expansion, the latest alarm systems, beautifully arranged and presented office space to serve your employees and impress your clients. There may be some negotiation on price within the normal range of the nature of these transactions. It’s a serious investment – but would you sacrifice something to save some money? For instance, the roof? The front doors? Maybe the fire sprinkler system? Probably not – it would compromise the entire project (as well as being somewhat ridiculous).

What if you were buying new production machinery? You know you need it, you know that it will pay for itself – but would you, to save some money, consider it being installed by your local handyman rather than the accredited supplier?

Would you consider dropping the need for an auto-feed – an important attribute to the efficiency of the overall project? Again, probably not.

Getting the right IT Solutions

However, when it comes to purchasing IT Services and IT Support, some businesses will consider the equivalent of leaving the roof and doors off or having it installed by the equivalent of a local handyman to ‘save some money’. Whilst it can be tempting to take some of these money-saving routes, it can lead to reduced security for your business and a long-term loss in productivity.

Downgrading a firewall or electing to take a lesser featured business continuity solution to save some money may seem like a good idea at the time – but it can interfere with the integrity of the overall investment leading to false economy.

IT Solutions at Neuways

Here at Neuways, we refuse to cut corners. Our experienced IT Consultants conduct a thorough unique business needs analysis, which informs all of our proposals and recommendations across our range of IT Support and IT Solutions.

We look at elements such as the prominent risk landscape, security, scalability, durability and capability of the IT systems suitable for your business. It is essential that your IT Solutions are both fit for purpose today and future-proof for tomorrow.

The IT Solutions we offer at Neuways are based on us becoming one of your long-term partners, taking specification and budget into consideration when we make recommendations, so you can trust us to make sure you have the most appropriate IT systems for the best price.

We consider all viable options and use our extensive business experience to propose IT Solutions that are coherent and appropriate to your business. Sure, we can offer options within the proposal that will meet your needs, whilst accepting certain compromises. These will be explained so you can make an informed decision – but still retain an integrable IT Solution.

We won’t leave the roof off!

To book a free consultation to review your current IT Solutions and IT Services, contact us on 01283 753 333, or alternatively email us at hello@neuways.com