How many times recently have you wished for better IT technology in your business? For some, the hybrid working enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted areas of weakness within their organisation. But all is not lost: cloud infrastructure, and Microsoft Azure in particular, could be the missing ingredient for your business.

Microsoft Azure gives you the flexibility and freedom to work from wherever you want with ease.

But what is Microsoft Azure?

A Microsoft Cloud computing service, Azure gives you the benefits of the Cloud, with the quality of Microsoft. It can be applied as part of an on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud service making it perfect for different sizes of organisations with different needs – no matter what the industry.

An investment in Azure, is an investment in quality. Cloud-supported technology is the best a business will have access to and is often cheaper than alternatives. This is primarily because Cloud infrastructure doesn’t need a costly outlay at its inception, as opposed to on-premises data centres.

Instead, with Microsoft, you subscribe on a monthly subscription basis to the service, as you would for Netflix or Amazon Prime. This approach unlocks the potential of the Cloud for many more businesses than would ever be able to benefit from it otherwise.

Not only is it about the cost of the system itself, but with no on-site proponent, there is no need for expensive around-the-clock electricity for power and cooling equipment. With no on-site data centre, there is no requirement for hardware setup, software patching and other IT management tasks that can consume a lot of time. Cloud computing minimises these tasks, freeing up the time of your employees in the process.

The need for capacity planning is also removed, due to the speed at which Cloud computing can respond to the needs of your business. With Cloud computing services being on demand, vast amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in minutes – giving your company lots of flexibility.

This flexibility is also clear with how the power of the Cloud can be utilised to your favour. Computing power can be diverted to where it is most needed. In the event of needing more bandwidth or storage, then you can do so, to avert any emergencies or costly upgrades. This scalability can be better applied if you are part of a wider group of businesses, with Azure particularly working well on a global scale.

A public Cloud, such as Microsoft Azure, gives businesses an all-in-one solution. Typically, public clouds are owned and operated by third-party cloud service providers, who deliver their computing resources such as servers and storage over the Internet. With a public cloud, all hardware, software and other supporting infrastructure are owned and managed by the cloud provider. You access these services and manage your account/subscription using a web browser.

With committing to Azure, you are committing to working with the best. The best applications, the best support and the best provider, all in one package. Not only that, but Azure offers you freedom to build, manage and use applications on a global network scale.

Other types of Cloud options available include private cloud and hybrid cloud. It is worth spending time exploring all three cloud options to allow you to compare the differences and what they might mean for your business.

If you want to grow or increase your flexibility and agility to thrive in an uncertain future, then Microsoft Azure is perfect for you.

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