NeuVue360 was born from our belief that data is the currency of business, and that tapping in to this data can be the difference between growth and stagnation.

In order to take our business to the next level, we asked ourselves the following questions:

  • How can we augment our IP telephone system with live CRM information?
  • What if we could automatically route calls based purely on customer need?
  • And what if we could visualise and manage internal resources more effectively?

In short, we created NeuVue360 as a result of an ambition to do more – specifically, to get more out of the business data that we capture.

So How Does it Work?

NeuVue360 integrates with your existing CRM/ERP system and is designed to make your data work for you.

Upon your initial conversation with a customer, NeuVue360 will generate a customer portfolio based on information that you have within your (open API) CRM system. With each conversation, this customer portfolio is added to, sketching the exact needs of your customer.

This means:

  • Helping your staff get to know your customers
  • Capturing customer data at multiple stages in order to inform the customer service that your team delivers and, ultimately, improve the customer experience.
  • NeuVue360 captures data from every interaction with your customer, giving your business a crucial insight into what your customers value most.
  • From an operational standpoint, NeuVue360 is an enabler for your customer-facing staff – equipping them with the information necessary to meet your customers’ needs.

Helping your business make smarter decisions. Faster.
NeuVue360’s BI features allow board-level decision-makers to put strategic data in plain sight.

Whether it’s planning staff availability, tracking customer habits over time, staff performance appraisal, or gaining insight into deficiencies – NeuVue360 is designed to increase data visibility across a business.

With key information visualised in charts and infographics, you can make informed, fact-driven strategic decisions.

NeuVue360: The Practical Benefits

What NeuVue360 Does Who Benefits?

Action Taken

Customer Benefit

Display incoming caller information

Operational benefit to call handler

Call handler is fully equipped in advance of answering the call

Customer feels valued and their needs can be met more quickly

Display staff availability

Operational benefit to manager

Manager can allocate resources accordingly

Faster call response times

Produce reports on customer behaviours

Strategic benefit to manager

Manager can identify trends based on customer needs

The customer benefits from tailored customer service

Display key tasks

Operational benefit to manager

Manager is able to convey priorities in plain sight

A more organised customer support team means better, more timely results for the customer

Generate reports on staff performance

Strategic benefit to manager

Manager is able to appraise staff more effectively

A higher standard of training results in better service for the customer

Create a digital customer portfolio that evolves with every interaction

Strategic benefit to call handler

Call handler can make better decisions and tailor their service

A better-informed call handler saves time for the customer

Conversion of raw data into insights

Strategic benefit to key decision makers

Senior management can make better-informed decisions

Data-driven improvements benefit the overall customer experience

The Modules of NeuVue360

NeuVue360 uses the software-based 3CX telephone system because of its straightforward integration with IT networks. 3CX allows you to identify the customer and automatically route their call to the right person.

NeuPresence is the pivot between 3CX and your business devices. When staff are at their workstation, they are shown as ‘available’. Conversely when a team member returns to their desk, NeuPresence logs the reasoning for their absence including ‘training’, ‘meeting’, or ‘research’ – amongst others. This allows for live resource management.

NeuCall is the power behind NeuVue360’s business intelligence. It allows senior management to generate reports as wide or as specific as required. NeuCall works closely with NeuPresence to equip management with strategic information.

NeuConnect identifies the incoming caller and matches it to a unique customer record in your CRM database. This advanced caller information is then relayed to your handset in order to properly inform your call handler, prior to the conversation with the customer.

NeuBoards is the visual management module of NeuVue360. Using the data consolidated by NeuCall, NeuBoards allows you to place key business processes in plain sight. This drives efficiencies and focus, and makes management by exception possible. If it can be seen, it can be managed.

Proven Results

Using NeuVue360 internally, we’ve seen significant improvements in day-to-day operations.

For example, customer wait times are down by 20%.

Our already impressive fix time has decreased by more than 50% on average over the past 12 months. This is despite the number of overall tickets increasing by roughly 10%, accounting for our customer growth.

Despite being busier, we have been able to improve the speed with which we resolve our customers’ issues. Therefore, the benefits Neuways sees from NeuVue360 is passed on to our own customers.

We can never eliminate critical IT issues entirely, but NeuVue360 has allowed us to halve the number of critical issues for our customers and reduce the resolution time of critical issues by 30%.

The time saved by using NeuVue360 has given us more time to resolve developing issues, which enables us to put proactive measures in place for our customers.

To discuss whether NeuVue360 would be a good fit for your business, or if you would simply like to find out more, contact us on 01283 753 333 or say