WiFi 6 is the next big thing in technology, as it is about to make the internet even faster! Of course, some of you will already be impressed with the speed of your WiFi, whether in an office or at home, but to anyone working in the IT world, we know there is still plenty of untapped potential regarding faster Broadband. Here’s what you need to know about WiFi 6 and why your IT teams are so excited.

More than a need for speed

Okay, so we know WiFi 6 will make the internet faster, but there’s much more to it. Those in the know have described it as more than just a simple speed boost. The impact will be much more subtle, and companies and users will reap the benefits over time, not all at once.

The new generation of WiFi is future-proof, so there won’t be a constant need for upgrades after a one-off speed boost. Of course, as with everything, there is always a shelf life, but WiFi 6 should help decrease the chances of our internet speeds coming suddenly in a few years.

Plus, the resulting increase in efficiency and quality, as well as speed, means there will be less chance of technical problems in the future. This would result in getting said problems sorted, resulting in reduced maintenance and costs, and hopefully reduced overheads. Plus, there would be the additional result of added security, so potential hacks and data breaches would not add extra unexpected costs.

When does WiFi 6 get rolled out?

WiFi 6 Roll out from Wifi 5 to Wifi 6 TowerIt already has arrived. You might not know it yet, but WiFi 6 is starting to be implemented worldwide. So, your next phone or laptop will likely have WiFi 6 installed.

As with all generations, you may need to rely on new hardware to get the new WiFi. Software updates won’t do the trick. However, that doesn’t mean you should buy new hardware because it has new WiFi. As we mentioned earlier, the updates won’t be noticeable straight away, so it is something you can wait for. WiFi 6 won’t be an instant game-changer; the benefits will be steady. You’ll need a specific router anyway, so waiting is better.

Will you need anything specific to help your devices adapt?

All new devices will start with this new version of WiFi as standard. So, whenever you replace a technological device, the latest WiFi will be there by default. But, for it to work, you will need a specific router. To experience the real benefits, you’ll need a router that supports WiFi 6.

The Verge, however, explains that connecting WiFi 5 gadgets to a new WiFi 6 router might still work as it could be capable. Of communicating with more than one device at once.

You might realise that you need to upgrade to a new router and buy more devices if your internet speed slows down. So, there are plenty of things to look forward to with WiFi 6, and Neuways will help you implement your needs every step of the way.

Neuways recommends WatchGuard for your WiFi 6 demands

Neuways work closely with a variety of IT consultants and partners. For your WiFi needs, we would recommend WatchGuard, particularly the WatchGuard unified Security platform. This will be a future benefit for all companies who are looking to improve their cyber security and internet speeds. Ultimately, the aim is always to help a business run efficiently, and WiFi 6 will undoubtedly increase employees’ productivity over time.

WiFi 6 Watchguard Devices Samples Banner

Why else would we recommend WatchGuard?

WiFi 6 will naturally need organisations to tighten up their security. Whenever any company upgrades their internet and WiFi network, they need a devoted IT team or consultant company to ensure the network is as secure as possible.

Neuways emphasise the security aspect of any network change because a WiFi connection will grant the same ‘physical’ access to the company network as an open door? But it can’t be as secured by putting a padlock on a door and locking it, especially if it is outdated. It would need network security protocols implemented. Luckily, there are companies that can help with this. That’s why we recommend WatchGuard and WiFi 6, as it will allow integration with a broader set of security products through a single platform, in the form of WatchGuard Cloud. You can read more that about here.

Learn a bit more about WatchGuard and Neuways

As IT consultants and partners, Neuways is leading the way in network management across the UK. Thanks to our Gold premium partner status with WatchGuard, we can help companies worldwide trust us with their network security advice. We have expertise in cybersecurity, but that’s not all; we will always ensure we put the customer first. That way, when you work with Neuways, you know you are getting the best advice for your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our IT security advice, as well as other aspects of our network security services.