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Thinking of making the switch to Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams

How it would be beneficial for your business

There are immediately five compelling reasons that spring to mind when businesses ask us why they should start using Microsoft Teams to help their team communicate between each other.

Below, Neuways explain why Microsoft Teams is such a hot topic and a in-demand service for business owners.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams functionality

Teams extends beyond chat functionality

Microsoft Teams’ chat feature goes beyond just text conversations for me. Employees can easily share files directly within the chat, start calls or video calls to discuss those files, and even schedule meetings without having to leave the chat interface.

The integration of other Microsoft products like OneNote and Office within the chat means colleagues no longer have to switch between apps during conversations. It’s all right there in chat, making the workflow smoother and boosting my productivity.

Microsoft Teams

Simplified Meetings

Meetings in Teams simplify the entire meeting process, from preparation to follow-up. Rather than juggling multiple emails for agendas and action items, everything is streamlined within the Teams interface.

Before meetings, users can initiate discussions with participants, share necessary files for review, and even identify unfamiliar attendees. During meetings, notes and action items are conveniently accessible in the same tab, ensuring clarity and organisation.

Additionally, post-meeting tasks are made effortless with immediate access to call recordings alongside meeting notes and agreed-upon actions, eliminating the hassle of searching for recordings elsewhere.

Microsoft Teams and Emails

A streamlined email process

Be notified of key emails:

Users can be notified in Microsoft Teams when they receive important emails matching predefined criteria, such as keywords or specific contacts. The automation runs every 30 minutes, ensuring timely awareness of relevant emails.

Flag important emails

Designed to automatically flag incoming emails that meet user-defined criteria, such as specific keywords or contacts. This feature enables users to prioritise their inbox by easily identifying important messages at a glance.

Turn emails into to-do items

This template converts emails into actionable to-do items, streamlining task management. Users can specify keywords and contacts whose emails should be transformed into to-dos, reducing the risk of overlooking important tasks buried within a cluttered inbox.

Microsoft Teams Collabs

Improved collaboration and communication

Under the category of “Improved collaboration and communication,” the integration of Teams with Office 365 significantly enhances workflow efficiency.

Users no longer need to toggle between applications when collaborating on documents; they can seamlessly create Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files within Teams, instantly sharing them with colleagues for co-authoring.

This eliminates the hassle of managing multiple document versions and mitigates version confusion often associated with email exchanges.

Additionally, within Teams, users can add comments, assign tasks, and engage in real-time discussions with coworkers, facilitating swift decision-making and enhancing overall collaboration efforts.

Microsoft Teams

Teams enables users to be on the go

It’s 2024, there is no excuse why people (if they are working) cannot be contacted. The Microsoft Teams phone app ensures seamless accessibility and productivity.

Users can stay connected, remain reachable, and access resources effortlessly while on the move.

With immediate access to all apps and documents, responding to chats, joining meetings with a single click, and continuing collaboration are all made simple.

This means that even while mobile, users can stay fully informed and engaged, ensuring they remain connected and productive regardless of their location.

Use Microsoft Teams to improve the efficiency within your business

Bringing it All Together

In summary, Microsoft Teams offers a comprehensive solution for businesses, enhancing collaboration, communication, and productivity.

The platform streamlines the meeting process, from preparation to follow-up, by centralising agendas, discussions, and action items within the Teams interface.

Tight integration with Office 365 facilitates seamless collaboration on documents, eliminating version confusion and enabling real-time discussions.

Moreover, the Teams phone app ensures connectivity and accessibility on the move, allowing users to stay connected, respond to chats, join meetings, and collaborate effectively from anywhere.

Overall, Microsoft Teams provides businesses with a unified platform that fosters efficient teamwork, enhances communication, and boosts organisational productivity.

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