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Reasons to use Microsoft SharePoint within your business in 2024

Microsoft SharePoint

5 reasons why your business needs Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint streamlines file sharing within your organisation, fostering seamless collaboration among team members. Organised file structures enhance navigation, leading to heightened productivity.

With real-time co-authoring features, colleagues can collaborate more efficiently than ever before.

Microsoft SharePoint - What's Hot
Microsoft Sharepoint

The ability to tag metadata within SharePoint is a big benefit

Tagging metadata in SharePoint is really beneficial for all users. If you are responsible for utilising Microsoft 365 for your company, managing metadata can simplify all processes within your business.

By tagging metadata, it keeps things tidy and helps locate data and documents within SharePoint that you need access to. Therefore, should anyone request this data, it can be shared within teams at a moment’s notice.

Managed metadata also lets you create document categories that can be used company-wide or for specific teams. Users can tag their documents with the right category, making them easy to find.

Another bonus of tagging metadata within Sharepoint is that it also provides increased flexibility. When using the software, New or updated terms automatically become available when you associate a Managed Metadata column with that term set.

For example, if you merge multiple terms into one term, content that is tagged with these terms is automatically updated to reflect this change. Microsoft are keen to emphasise the benefits of this flexibility to users. 

Approval processes for projects within SharePoint helps Managers

Utilising approval processes within SharePoint can significantly streamline managerial tasks, meaning they have more time to focus elsewhere, creating a more efficient environment.

SharePoint workflows act as efficient assistants, automating tasks to ensure consistent and efficient completion. As a business owner looking to provide a more streamlined approach, software like this is vital for a company to boost its presence.

The Approval workflow, in particular, simplifies the approval of documents or items by directing them to the appropriate individuals automatically. It oversees progress, sends reminders when necessary, and maintains a clear tracking system.

Centralising workflow operations and maintaining comprehensive records in SharePoint facilitates process management and adaptation. This consolidation not only alleviates the burden on teams and managers but also optimises time usage and standardises approval procedures. 

The benefit of this is that automating these tasks enhances productivity and diminishes the need for manual intervention.

How SharePoint workflows streamline business processes

SharePoint workflows serve as dedicated aids for your business operations, each tailored to simplify specific tasks.

The Feedback workflow is excellent for gathering input on documents, directing them to a group of reviewers who provide feedback, which is then compiled and returned to the initiator.

For documents requiring signatures, the Signature workflow streamlines the process by sending files to obtain digital signatures from a designated group, who can conveniently sign within Microsoft Office programs.

Similarly, the Publishing Approval workflow ensures meticulous control over web page publication, guiding content through a review and approval process involving experts and stakeholders before publishing.

Meanwhile, the Three-State workflow proves invaluable for managing a multitude of items, such as customer tickets or project tasks.

Its functionality aids in effectively tracking the progress of these items through various stages, enhancing overall workflow management efficiency.

SharePoint allows you to customise your files internally so that it works for all your team

Your business can enjoy unparalleled customisation with Microsoft SharePoint. You can modify your files and organisation to ensure it works best for the people most important to your business – your employees. 

The ability to tailor file organisation to suit your unique needs, maximises efficiency. You can customise your site aesthetically with various colour themes and incorporate company branding elements like logos for a compelling visual identity.

Internally, advancements in SharePoint and AI technology means you can leverage AI integrations to craft professional-looking SharePoint dashboards effortlessly.

The generative AI tools used in Microsoft Sharepoint assist in designing visually appealing dashboards, enhancing user engagement and simplifying file-sharing tasks.

Microsoft 365

Don't forget you can integrate SharePoint with Microsoft 365 to allow for collaboration

Seamless Collaboration 

Microsoft SharePoint streamlines file sharing within your organisation, fostering seamless collaboration among team members. Organised file structures enhance navigation and lead to a sense of accomplishment and heightened productivity. With real-time co-authoring features, colleagues can collaborate more efficiently than ever before.

Microsoft 365 Integration 

As part of the Office 365 suite, SharePoint seamlessly integrates with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel applications. Thanks to its familiar styling and reduced learning curve, the integration boosts workflow efficiency and facilitates smoother operations.

Enhanced Cyber Security 

In 2024, robust file and data security are a non-negotiable for businesses. SharePoint offers tools to control access to files and folders, allowing users to set privacy levels according to specific needs which is an important aspect, due to cyber security. You can ensure that only authorised individuals can access sensitive information, fostering a secure working environment.

Automation workflow

Reasons to use SharePoint within your business

Microsoft SharePoint offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking seamless collaboration and productivity enhancements. Through streamlined file sharing and organised structures, SharePoint facilitates effortless teamwork, fostering heightened productivity among team members. Real-time co-authoring capabilities enhance collaboration, enabling colleagues to work together more efficiently.

Integrated within the Office 365 suite, SharePoint ensures smooth compatibility with essential applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. This seamless integration minimises learning curves, expedites workflow processes and facilitates smoother operations across the organisation. 

Moreover, SharePoint’s robust customisation options empower businesses to tailor file organisation and site aesthetics to their unique needs, maximising efficiency and establishing a compelling visual identity through personalised branding elements like logos and colour themes.

Additionally, SharePoint leverages AI integrations to simplify the creation of professional-looking dashboards, enhancing user engagement and streamlining file-sharing tasks. In today’s landscape, cyber security is paramount, and SharePoint offers robust tools to control access to files and folders, ensuring that sensitive information remains accessible only to authorised individuals. 

So with the ability to streamline your processes, improve collaboration across the business, bolster your security posture and improve departmental efficiencies, why are you waiting? Get in touch with Neuways and find out what more you can do within your business!

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