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Microsoft Teams Updates May 2024

No more screenshots!

Just select More options  ⋯  on a chat message you want to share, then select Forward.


Sign in with Multiple Accounts Across Clouds

Users can sign in to the Teams client with multiple accounts simultaneously, including government accounts. Notifications for all accounts are received in real-time, regardless of the tenant being worked in.

Channel Management

Hide General Channel

The general channel of a team can now be hidden or shown, similar to other channels, allowing users to tailor their channel list for better organisation.

Chat Enhancements

Group Chat Profile Picture

Users can choose a chat profile picture to customize their team and chat theme.

Context-based File Suggestions for Attachments

Attaching files to chats is made easier with Teams suggesting the five best files from OneDrive and SharePoint that match the conversation.


Calendar Notifications in Teams

Calendar notifications are integrated into Teams' activity feed, providing updates on meeting invitations, changes, cancellations, or forwards.

Optimise for Video Setting for Screensharing

Settings for optimal video during screensharing.

Voice Isolation

AI-powered feature to suppress background noise and focus on the user's voice, trainable through voice recognition.

Meeting Management

Leave/join Meeting Attendance Information

Attendance information is now accessed through the Attendance Report instead of meeting transcripts.

Intelligent Meeting Recap on Mobile

Recap of meetings available on mobile devices, including name mentions, AI-generated tasks, notes, and recording breakdown by speaker.

Organisational Events

Chat for Organisers and Presenters in Town Hall

Dedicated chat for organisers, co-organisers, and presenters during Town Hall meetings.

Duplicate Event Option for Webinars/Town Halls

Option to duplicate previous events, copying over various details including title, description, presenters, and more.

Accessibility and Language Support

Live Translation of Caption Updates

Live translated captions for up to six languages (or ten with a premium license) during Town Hall meetings.

New Q&A Activity Notification

 Notifications for new questions or replies during Town Hall meetings.

Frontline Workers Support

Import Schedules into Shifts Improved

Enhanced Excel import functionality for frontline managers in managing schedules.

New Task Publishing Features

Features in Planner to help frontline workers prioritize tasks and track work quality.

Admin Controls

Improved Admin Controls for Copilot Access 

Enhanced control for IT administrators over Copilot usage during and after meetings.

Technical Enhancements

Third-party eCDN Support for Town Halls

Support for third-party eCDNs for larger meetings.

Enhanced Screen Sharing with AV1

Utilisation of AV1 for clearer picture and reduced network congestion.

These updates aim to enhance collaboration, streamline meeting management, improve accessibility, and provide better support for frontline workers, while also offering more control and technical enhancements for administrators.

Microsoft Teams Updates April 2024

New Layout for Content Sharing in Together Mode

Experience a revamped layout where all video participants are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Together Mode now places all participants on a common background, enhancing the sense of connection between in-person and remote attendees during content sharing or presentations.

Preset Organisation Backgrounds & Branded Meeting Invites

We understand the importance of your organisation's identity. That's why we've added preset organisation backgrounds and branded meeting invites. These features add a touch of professionalism and personalisation to your meetings. Customise meeting backgrounds and invites with your company logo and brand image to elevate your organisation's identity.

Frosted Glass Background Effect

Maintain privacy and professionalism with the new frosted glass background effect. This feature combines background blur with customisable transparent PNG images to create a professional backdrop resembling frosted windows and office partitions.

New & Improved Design for Meeting Invite

Join meetings swiftly with an enhanced meeting invite design that highlights essential information and provides clear join options.

More Microsoft Teams Meetings Updates

Enjoy seamless integration between Microsoft Teams (free) and Teams for work meetings. 

Additionally, support for the content camera is now available in the new Teams app on Windows and Mac, enabling remote attendees to view physical objects like whiteboards and documents. 

Meeting attendance

Meeting attendance information is no longer displayed in the meeting transcript but can be accessed by organisers in the Attendance tab. The meeting Recording & Transcription tab will be replaced by the Recap tab, offering access to recordings and transcripts. 

Admins can now turn users on/off to join externally hosted meetings with a new policy for enhanced control over meeting attendance.

Update your company's Microsoft Teams

Keep your Team's experience up-to-date with these exciting features and enhancements!

March 2024
March 2024

Microsoft Teams Updates March 2024

Give your meetings a professional touch with branded Teams meetings

Elevate your meetings with the new branded Teams meetings feature, which is now available for organisations with Teams Premium. This allows your organisation to incorporate branded colours and imagery into meeting invites, pre-join screens, and backgrounds. Customisations are configured by the IT admin and applied automatically. A branded pre-join screen displays company colours and logos in the design.

Join personal and professional meetings seamlessly from the Teams app

Now, you can attend personal and professional meetings without switching between Teams apps or being prompted to join from your browser. Stay connected to any meeting directly from the Teams app you're using. For more information, refer to the "Join a meeting in Microsoft Teams" guide.

Share links to private and shared channels

Facilitate channel discussions by sharing direct links to the channel, posts, or replies. To share a channel, click the Teams button, hover over the desired channel, and select More options (the three dots icon) > Get Link to channel > Insert Link. To share a channel discussion, hover over a post or reply and select More options > Share link > Insert Link.

Try out the new frosted glass background effect in Teams

Enhance the privacy and professionalism of your meeting background with the new frosted glass effect. To apply this effect, use a transparent PNG image provided by your IT admin or upload your own by navigating to Video Effects > Add new. Then, select the image with your camera on. The transparent portion of the image will blur out while the graphic remains in the background. For more details, refer to the "Using video in Microsoft Teams" guide. The frosted effect creates a blurred background with the image icon in focus.

Improved meeting invite layout

The redesigned Teams meeting invite layout makes finding crucial details and joining promptly easier.

Utilise a content camera in Microsoft Teams meetings
Keep participants engaged during Teams meetings by focusing on whiteboards, printed documents, and other physical objects with a content camera, now supported in the new Teams version. For more details, refer to the "Share whiteboards and documents using your camera in Microsoft Teams meetings" guide.

Meeting transcripts now exclude join or leave timestamps

Meeting transcripts no longer include timestamps for when attendees join or leave a meeting. Organisers can still access this information in the Attendance tab after the meeting. For more details, refer to the "Manage meeting attendance reports in Microsoft Teams" guide.

Apply a watermark to PowerPoint Live and Whiteboard content

In Teams Premium, PowerPoint Live and Whiteboard content now supports watermarks during meetings. For more details, refer to the "Watermark for Teams meetings" guide.

Access everything in Recap

If your meeting includes a recap, you can now access its recording and transcript in the Recap tab instead of the previous Recording & Transcription tab. If the meeting doesn't have a recap, you can still find the recording and transcript in the Recording & Transcription tab. For more details, refer to the "Meeting Recap in Microsoft Teams" guide.

Archive inactive channels

Channel owners and admins can archive unused channels without losing messages, files, and tabs. To archive a channel, click the Teams button, hover over the channel, and select More options > Archive channel. Refer to the "Archive or restore a channel" guide for more details.

Customise tags in a channel

Create tags within a channel to easily reach its members across other channels. To create a channel tag, click the Teams button, hover over the channel, and select More options > Manage tags. For more details, refer to the "Using tags in Microsoft Teams" guide.

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