In 2022, we all need to be flexible in our approach to work. One day we could be in the office, the next at home. As COVID restrictions continue to be lifted, the third day could be spent face-to-face at a client meeting. All it means is that it is critical we remain productive, wherever we work from. Luckily enough, Cloud Outlook services give businesses the ability to stay in control of email communications.

No matter where you are, on whatever device, Cloud Outlook works perfectly. As a key part of Microsoft Office 365, a connected to the Cloud Outlook service gives users a wealth of saved settings and folders. More importantly, it brings a business together. Shared folders and calendars allow for teams to be aware of each other’s availability and also share information such as who is working in what location.

Cloud Outlook services provide each individual within a business with access to more critical company information. And Microsoft are continually adding functionality that helps improve the information flow. Of course, Outlook integrates perfectly with other Microsoft products within the ecosystem. It all results in a better connected and informed business – which is critical during the modern day, when businesses are very likely to have scattered workforces.

Teams meetings are simple to arrange and seamlessly allow users to jump from one application to another and straight into a meeting. Not only is that particularly useful for checking in with colleagues, but it gives every member of staff a great way of keeping in touch with customers and suppliers.

All of this would be impossible without the power of Microsoft’s Cloud service. The power of the Cloud means that information is updated regularly in almost real-time and circulated to all of your work devices. When compared to an on-premises IT system…there really is no comparison!

On-premises systems worked fine when the only requirement of staff was to be in the office. As we know by now, that all changed in March 2020, when the pandemic required staff to work from home, across the world. From that moment onwards, on-premises systems became inflexible and unable to be fully utilised outside of the four walls of a company’s main office. Some businesses found temporary solutions, but many were delaying the inevitable and eventually moved to the likes of Microsoft Office 365.

The flexibility and agility introduced by Microsoft Office 365, and by extension Cloud Outlook services, is only going to prove more useful, whatever the future looks like. As it stands, it looks more and more likely that hybrid working will remain the norm for many years to come. Obviously this is dependent upon a number of factors, such as company size, industry and the opinion of business owners. Generally speaking, though, a healthy IT investment in 2022 will be a flexible system – to invest in anything less would be setting your organisation up for failure.

Microsoft 365

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