In the digital age of 2022, businesses rely on sophisticated computer networks, servers, and the Internet worldwide. Hardware is slowly becoming more redundant, as software takes its place at the top of organisations and their priorities. As a result, it has never been so essential to place network security at the heart of your business.

Below, we discuss five reasons why having a secure network is essential and the genuine threats to your business network. We’ve got it covered in this article, ranging from hackers (even if you don’t think they will hack you, they will try) to viruses and bugs.

1) Protect your desktops and laptops from harmful spyware

Just because everybody doesn’t necessarily work in the same office anymore does not mean you are less at risk. The right network security system for your business could save you time and money and keep you safe. As we’ve mentioned, harmful spyware does not discriminate. If you’re working online, you need to protect your computer from physical harm. You need to reduce your cyber security bad habits.

Network Security is Crucial - Spyware Alert Banner

There has been anti-malware and anti-virus software around for as long as we can remember, but it has never been so advanced. What we are talking about here is not protecting a virus from infiltrating your personal laptop at home; we are talking about keeping business assets secure. By using suitable security systems for your network, there is a lower chance you will be spending a chunk of your turnover on new computers weekly.

2) Having high network security protects your client data

Although GDPR has had a significant impact on businesses and how they run, data has always needed to be secure. Just because you may not be selling high-value products or services, it does not mean your data isn’t essential or hackable.

With identity and information theft on the rise, you have to keep all of your existing client’s data safe and secure. If you work with clients and hold their data, they are likely to be cautious. Your unique selling point could be how important the network is for your business.

A state-of-the-art and enterprise-grade network security system will help minimise the chances of any stolen data. It could be the difference between keeping hold of your existing clients and attracting new ones.

3) Allowing employees in your business to access data from anywhere

Working from anywhere - Network Security is crucialAs we said, it is now 2022. Businesses are most likely offering remote working to many employees, meaning data is likely to be shared in an online and secure place. However, is it that secure? If your team operates on a shared network, network security should be your most significant focus.

Plus, any business will have employees with different levels of access required. Therefore, a secure network from the right company will allow computers and users to have different access levels.

4) You can understand your enemy

Having enterprise-grade security and a secure firewall means you can identify your enemies, but not in the competitor sense. These enemies threaten your safety rather than your share of profits. Network security can use artificial intelligence to protect against malware and offer constant protection against potential threats and hackers.

Essentially, suppose a hacker attempts to gain confidential information from your business. In that case, a network security solution can help fight them off. In addition, a high-value solution will also provide transparency about how it has dealt with intercepted attacks, helping to prevent future threats.

5) Neuways solutions save you time, money and bring you confidence

Do you know that the average annual cost of a data breach is £3.36mil? Plus, 32% of businesses need new measures to prevent a data breach!

These facts and figures are readily available via the Neuways network security page. It can be eye-opening for small businesses, especially as 28% of data breach victims are small businesses. For more information, you can download our Neuways cyber security brochure here.

Ultimately, suppose you are a business that doesn’t have the expertise to deal with cyber security threats to your network, or it has just slipped through the net. In that case, Neuways can undoubtedly offer guidance and solutions to help your business shortly.

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