The Neuways team has years of experience with providing its customers with industry-leading Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutionsNeuways only work with the best, though, and through the relationship held with its BCDR partners, Datto, for a number of years, Neuways can ensure its customers are supplied with the best BCDR solutions for their business’. This has enabled many Neuways customers to avoid crippling downtime and stay continually operational, irrespective of what problems may affect their business continuity. 

But why are Datto such a good continuity provider? Let us explain what they do and how Neuways, as a result, can provide the best BCDR solutions for its customers. 

1. Datto: A world-leading provider of back-up solutions

Datto are the best of the best! They have won hundreds of awards for their product excellencetechnical support, and resulting rapid growth, over the years – this is why they are the best BCDR partners for Neuways. Datto’s offices around the world, in the UK, USA and Australia to name just a few countries, mark it as a truly global organisation with the ability to support business. Additionally, Datto services over half a million small to medium businesses with BCDR solutions, such as file backup and sync solutions and business management tools, ensuring they have kept businesses safe and operational for years. 

We all know it is important for businesses to back up its data correctly, otherwise they could be in for a shock if a cyber attack or a fire/flood were to occur, destroying the business’ information in the process. For that reason alone, it is worth investing in the best back-up solutions possible – how else is a business going to operate in the event of a damaging data breach? 

2. Datto Blue Diamond Partner – Neuways are one of them!

Neuways is one of just twelve Datto Blue Diamond Partners across Europe. This marks Neuways as one of the very best Datto partners a business can have if they are looking to protect their business with the best back up solutions The cyber security expertise, combined with their outstanding business technology experience madNeuways an obvious candidate for Blue Diamond partnership status.  

Being a Datto Blue Diamond partner for a number of years, Neuways’ technicians are best placed to advise your business on any, and all, elements of your business continuity and disaster recovery strategy, technology or policies. 

3. Delivered by Datto, supported and configured by Neuways – the best BCDR partners

By working with Neuways, businesses can ensure the brand-new Datto products they purchase are configured correctly for their individual needs. As previously mentioned, Neuways’ business technology experts have years of experience with working with Datto.  

When a customer works with Neuways, the team sits down to understand their needs, with a mutual understanding agreed on how to service those needs. This helps feed into what recommendations are given – customers receive bespoke BCDR solutions that fit their requirements, as opposed to a standard BCDR plan that is issued to any type of business interested in updating their BCDR. 

Once the implementation of Datto devices has been carried out, the ability to have the devices supported by Neuways’ talented Support Engineers adds real valueThe Support team are on-hand to help remedy any problems or issues that arise when working with the BCDR products.  The Datto products can be used alongside Neuways’ own Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), which enables Neuways to take control of a business’ back up solutions. Technicians will regularly test backed up data to ensure it will be usable in the event of a period of disruption. It’s all well and good having the back up solutions in place, but an added benefit of working with Neuways gives businesses extra security that they are safe and their information is secure. 

There could be small adjustments that need to be made to tighten up on any BCDR plans a business is following and the Support team are always on hand to help customers out. This is typified by the Support team maintaining their fantastic achievement of meeting 100% of agreed SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with customers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. t the BCDR experts at Neuways today, to learn how Datto products can help your business look after its data. Call us on 01283 753333 or email today to find out more.