You should outsource your IT Security and Support if you do not have experts in-house to ensure your business is safe. Cyber criminals will always have their finger on the pulse regarding new ways to infiltrate security networks, and your team needs to be up to scratch to help set up a defence system. So, whether it is in-house or outsourced, this is a must. However, we know that not every company has the capability or resources. So, we’ve put together this explainer on why you should outsource your IT.

How outsourcing your IT will benefit your company

Outsourcing your IT Support and ServicesOutsourced IT Benefits for company IT Team will benefit your company more than you probably think. With almost every business now online, cyber security has never been so critical. It’s just not about security, either. An IT company can also assist with the upkeep of your online devices, emails and general password issues. All that time wasted trying to identify a network issue can be resolved with a simple request to your IT support organisation. You can’t afford to make mistakes with something as essential as your IT.

As we mentioned, your IT team needs to know what they’re doing. You can’t just wing it. Regardless of the industry or sector, you’re likely to need an online device; technology will be how you keep records. This includes retailers, marketing companies, cricket clubs – a lot! If your IT network is not functioning correctly, then you won’t be able to pay your invoices or respond with adequate customer service. What about a potential lead asking for an appointment or a price quotation if you’re a retailer and can’t access your emails? If you don’t have support to help you with this issue, or other issues, who knows how long it will take for it to work again without an outsourced IT team?

Choosing the right IT Support provider

It is all well and promising to find someone who claims they can look after your IT or pay someone on the cheap to do it, but it really does need to be someone well qualified. You want your business to be in a position where you know you are in safe hands if the network goes down. Many companies operate with an ‘on-call service’, allowing businesses to contact them with urgent issues.

If you opt for Neuways to look after your IT Services, you are guaranteed to work with industry experts. In addition, our Managed IT Support Service offers companies extra knowledge, skills, and competence to ensure your business runs smoothly from a digital perspective.

Plus, we can work with all of the business software systems that are commonly used, including but not limited to Microsoft 365, CRM Systems, Accounting Software, and ERP Systems.

Budgeting and Costs are made simple with outsourced IT

Outsourced IT - get the most out of your MSP Using a Managed IT Support service is easy to budget for and may come cheaper than hiring an in-house IT expert. Neuways would manage your IT services for a fixed cost each month, so there would be no surprises.

If you have any upcoming IT projects, then you can have the ability to budget for them, knowing they will be taken care of. IT companies are also likely to have a wealth of reviews behind them, meaning that choosing the right provider can be easier than hiring someone in-house.

If you opt to outsource your IT, you are also not limited in the service you are getting. Whilst cyber security would be the priority, you will also be able to pick the brains of objective experts in your best interests. Our Neuways team, in particular, would be able to provide advice and tips on how to further your business by giving an insight into the latest technology solutions and, of course, keeping an eye on all developments.

For example, what does your business need to know about WiFI 6? Are you aware of the benefits and changes that it brings? That’s just one more reason why you should outsource your IT support.

Why can’t you do IT in-house?

When running a business, the temptation will always be to look for the most convenient and cheapest solution. Sometimes that is just human instinct, and any good businessman would be foolish not to explore this option. However, when it comes to technology and IT solutions, even the most ardent IT enthusiast would be unable to do it all. It would not be fair to the employee, even if they believe in their skillset.

Therefore, when you outsource your IT to a company or team, your expectations can be managed. However, if you have some resistance and an employee or colleague is convinced you only need a one-man IT team, here are a few potential hazards to come back at them with.

Holiday Cover and diverse expertise

If you work with an agency or business, holiday cover would not be an issue. Not just holidays, but sickness also or any other sort of unavailability. You would always want someone to be able to manage your backup and business continuity measures. A disaster recovery plan can be developed by your outsourced team, as your IT employee may not be able to do it on their own.

Additionally, if one employee does not know the answer to a question or a solution to the problem, where else can they turn? IT Support is one of the more limited niches regarding general knowledge, and it might not be a simple case of just asking someone else in the office if they can help. However, if you are working with an external team, they are likely to have the knowledge and expertise to find the correct answer for you.

Refer Neuways and Save on IT Support Costs

Outsourced MSP - Refer and SaveReading this article to learn more about managed IT Support and outsourcing your IT? Well, now you have the opportunity to get your monthly IT Support for free. Yes, you’ve read that right… for FREE! Just check out the Neuways Refer and Save scheme to find out more.

Anyone who refers a company to Neuways could benefit from a month of free services. Our experts will be able to assist you with a future plan and advice on how to get the best out of your IT Support. Not our MSP customer? You can still get it for free if you become one and refer a company to us.

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