With so many programmes and different types of software involved in businesses, you need multiple passwords for peace of mind. To avoid being hacked and improve business cybersecurity, it is common knowledge that you need to use unique and complicated passwords. For example, if you use the same basic passwords for all websites, hackers can compromise your systems as it is easy to guess (like your birthday or business name).

How are you meant to remember all of them without writing them down on paper or an unsecured document?

The solution: passwords must be reset each time as remembering so many is not practical. However, there is a better solution, and it comes in the form of a password manager tool.

Below, Neuways explain why a tool for remembering and managing passwords is so important and how it can benefit both the business and a personal level.

What is a password manager tool?

Password managers can securely store and retrieve users’ login information for password-enabled websites from any device. They also help you log in automatically, which is a big bonus. But this doesn’t sound secure. Do not worry; password manager tools such as Keeper encrypt your database with a master password. So whilst this still needs to be complicated to guess, it is the only one you need to remember.

It stops you from reusing passwords

Whilst a password manager tool keeps your passwords in one place, it is more than a one-trick pony. Password managers such as Keeper generate strong and unique passwords for you. Then, it automatically fills them into apps and websites for whoever is trying to access them.

Not reusing passwords is perhaps the most critical aspect of a password manager. If there are password leaks, having the same password for everything can be catastrophic.

Password Manager Tool

Individual Access – it is not just one big portal

The automation factor is vital because it allows individuals to have their private vault. One primary concern for users of password managers tool is that everybody in the business can access all the passwords; this could not be further from the truth. Every user and employee will have a private vault to store and manage data and passwords. So there is no need to worry about individuals having access to other people’s passwords or systems; it is all stored individually!

The tools mitigate the risk of any data breaches

At Neuways, we have a favoured password manager tool that we would recommend to any interested parties. Keeper Enterprise makes the most of best-in-class security, boasting a zero-trust framework. For businesses and smaller enterprises to keep your data safe and protected through cybersecurity. In addition, the zero-knowledge security architecture that defines Keeper is an added security level that helps to safeguard and mitigate any data breach.

In a world where cybersecurity needs to be at its highest for your business, the best password manager tools also encrypt data at the customer-device level. It does this using layered, record-level encryption which provides world-class protection for files and credentials. On our business password manager page, you can read more about Neuways’ recommended password manager tool, Keeper.

Password Manager Tool

Are password manager tools easy to use for employees?

A password manager can ease security concerns and alleviate the fear of locking yourself out of any websites or software. For many, remembering your password can take up a lot of brainpower. A password manager tool is a more secure way to store passwords than writing them down in a book to be kept by your desk. Additionally, it frees up that extra time to be more creative in your role.

To answer the critical question, they are also easy to use. Many password manager tools have extensions you can install into your browser; this makes them easy to use. Then, head over to the website you are trying to access and log in. The password manager will remember your password – when you log in. So, type in the master password, and the appropriate login information and the password appear. You will not need to re-enter your master password again when logged in.

Remember, if you are setting up a new login for a website, the password manager tool can help you choose a secure and hard-to-guess password, making your data and website far more secure.

What about the browser-based password manager tools?

We recommend that you do not use browser-based password manager tools. They do not have the same level of encryption as others do and are hence less secure. In addition, some browser-based tools allow potential hackers to access your list of passwords through your computer’s hard drive.

If a business owner or employees are working from one device or home, a password manager tool is the most secure way to keep your data safe.

For more information about the Keeper Password Manager tool and how it will benefit your business, contact the Neuways team today, or send a message to: hello@neuways.com