Cyber security remains a critical function in allowing businesses to carry out their activity successfully. Data breaches and hacks are becoming much more much frequentThese attacks are costing businesses all around the world over £1 trillion in losses. Receiving cyber security consultancy has never been more important. Whether it’s a singular consultant or a dedicated, experienced team, they can help your business avoid being the next victim. Find out why your business needs a Cyber security expert and how they can help your business’ cyber security:  

A cyber security expert will complete an IT audit of your business in order to identify where the gaps and vulnerabilities are in your cyber security.

At Neuways we use our Cyber Security Rating Report to triage your level of protection and potential risk. It gives your business a bespoke cyber security score, that will allow you to see where your risks are greatest and how to reduce them.

Your cyber security expert will then help you turn these findings into a cyber security strategy, bespoke to your business, to ensure you can grow your business safely and securely.

A major focus of a cyber security expert will be your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan and how you are managing frequent data backups.

A multi-layered backup solution is the most secure way of protecting your business. Frequent backups of your systems and business data including emails, to a remote location in the cloud, as well as to a physical location other than on-site, is the only way to overcome a data breach, ransomware attack or a natural disaster.

Downtime due to business interruption will result in costly loss of business and a damaged reputation.

A cyber security expert will recommend phishing awareness training suitable for all employees that will prepare them for any malicious emails they receive. Phishing awareness training creates a stronger cybersecurity culture within your business, with all staff able to spot a phishing attack before they click or open it and let malicious software in.

Educating your employees is an absolute must. As mentioned, businesses are facing an onslaught of cyber attacks in the present day. Some receive as many as five phishing emails daily. If your staff aren’t trained on how to spot phishing emails, this could be how hackers find their way into your business.

It is the role of a cyber security expert to ensure that everyone within a business is aware of the latest cyber threats the world is facing. This way, employees can be one step ahead of the game.

Not only is it important to inform staff, but it is important to keep your systems up to date too, as the world of IT security is constantly innovating. If you’ve missed a software or hardware update, your business may be carrying a known vulnerability, that cyber criminals could take advantage of and breach your system by exploiting.

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The government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme is a must-have for businesses, especially if they tender for work in the public sector. It is a Government-backed framework of cyber security best practise measures. It’s a mark of trust, that tells your customers and suppliers that your business is cyber safe, and they can trust their data will be safe with you.

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essential Plus are the lasting signs your cyber security expert has secured your business ready for future growth.

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