Welcome to the latest edition of the Neu Cyber Threats, a weekly series in which we bring attention to the latest cyber attacks, scams, frauds, malware including Ransomware and DDoS, in order to ensure you stay safe online.

Here are the most prominent threats which you should be aware of:


Warning about email phishes masquerading as energy regulator

The energy regulator Ofgem has issued advice after reports of cyber criminals contacting people and trying to access their bank details.

Criminals are fraudulently requesting bank details under the guise of offering the council tax rebate currently being issued by the government.

The NCSC has guidance advising how to recognise and report phishing emails, texts, websites and adverts or phone calls, which can be found here: Phishing: Spot and report scam emails, texts, websites and… – NCSC.GOV.UK.

If you have received an email you’re not quite sure about, forward it to report@phishing.gov.uk. Suspicious texts should be forwarded to 7726.

NCSC publishes joint advisory on common attack vectors

A joint publication between the NCSC, CISA and other international partners has advised on the most common ways attackers gain access to organisations’ networks.

They include exploiting public-facing applications and external remote services, phishing and fraudulent use of valid accounts. It also provides more detail about poorly implemented security controls and measures that attackers can use.

The advisory is on the CISA website and includes likes to NCSC guidance on phishing. This provides valuable reminders about how to effectively mitigate many different lines of attack, which can be found here: NCSC guidance on phishing.

Boardrooms putting cyber security on their agenda

Security meetings at CYBERUK 2022 between the heads of the US, UK and Australian cyber security agencies agreed that boardroom attitudes had taken a positive turn recently.

However, it has been stated that there can still be a disconnect between boards understanding what needs to happen to improve their cyber security and committing the resources to make improvements happen.

The NCSC has produced a toolkit of guidance and supporting resources to encourage boards to open the conversation with their technical experts about improving their organisation’s cyber security.

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