Data backup and management is essential for businesses who want to succeed, but not all backup is created equal – discover the Power of 3 for your data backup!

Get it right and your future is secure, there will be no need to fear waking up one day and losing everything. Getting it wrong, however, could set a company back years, or even worse, lead to its demise.

At Neuways, we help businesses to plan for the worst. By implementing a multi-layered Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan based around layers of data backup, a business is covering itself in the event of a cyber attack, damaging flood or fire or device failure.

A key concept to any successful data backup and BCDR plan is the Power of 3. The Power of 3 gives businesses a fighting chance of surviving any kind of setback, by duplicating and backing up company data in three different locations. Each have their benefits, but must be carried out together, as a trio, consistently to give businesses access to their important information with speed and urgency, should they ever need to do so in an emergency.

Let Neuways guide you through each method…

1. On-Device

This is typically very localised, containing data and information that employees work with on a daily basis. By regularly backing up on-device data, a business is covered in the event of a network outage, that might result in connectivity issues.

Data stored securely on the device of a user would still be able to be used, despite any wider network problems – ideal when remote working. This backup could be scheduled to occur at the end of each working day, to ensure that the data is as recent as possible and ready to use as soon as it is required. A physical hard drive would more than likely be used for this action.

2. Local Data Backup Appliance

This type of backup is something much larger, such as a server that can store much larger quantities of data. It is usually housed in a business’ main office and requires maintenance to ensure it remains in good condition and continuously runs. Of course, many businesses aren’t currently in the office which means that any on-premises server options may not be as useful as they were pre-pandemic.

However, the Power of 3 methodology means that even though the server option might not seem as useful at the moment, it can still be a useful resource for businesses. It is all about ensuring businesses have access to their data when they need it the most, and an on-premises solution would avoid any issues that the Cloud would face in the event of a network outage, or the on-device backup if a laptop was stolen.

3. The Cloud

And probably the most revolutionary of the three, the Cloud. The Cloud data backup offers unrivalled access to data for employees and is the most likely to be unaffected in the event of a ransomware attack.

It has proven its worth during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it gives those with the right privileges the ability to see documents on a shared infrastructure, without having to send attachments over email.

In the event of a disaster such as a fire, flood or even a theft of equipment from a workplace, the Cloud ensures no downtime is incurred. The ability to access information from anywhere, means that company employees would be required to use the online ecosystem to continue their day-to-day roles and responsibilities. But, as mentioned, the most important benefit of the Cloud is that the business continues to operate and experiences zero downtime.The Power of 3 ensures that data is managed correctly, and should be seen as standard practice for businesses. By incorporating all three methods into its data backup management policy, a business will find it is well prepared for any kind of disaster or event that might otherwise threaten its ability to remain operational, and most importantly, avoid any costly downtime.

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